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Re: Theos-World Evidence: The Case For NASA UFO's ?

Aug 19, 2006 11:25 PM
by samblo

   Thanks for your reply and comments.  I have not read much of John Anthony 
West, if I did it was more than four decades ago. I was, at one time was 
stimulated about the Pyramids as most people, but after reading different resources 
by several Authors I decided to lay it aside and await more findings. I have 
seen some limited reference to "Aquatic ET" but very limited in recent times. 
Of course there is Ioannes the Fishman that emerged from the Persian Gulf to 
instruct mankind which may have provided a stimulating provocative thought to 
some as a counterpart role viz Hermes. Terrence McKenna wrote in his articles 
of ancient Black bodied Whale like Beings that descended upon the Earth in very 
far distant times. The contemporary Ufologists today revolve around "J-Rod" 
an ET who remained alive and was captured at Roswell or Corona and interred at 
Area 51 and cooperated in making available scientific information, and later a 
second of the same species. One died and the other disappeared from the 
containment after several years. There are also some historical data recordings of 
"USOs" Unidentified Submersible Objects that were seen and observed for 
several decades by various observers. Without a public display of actual material 
artifacts or physical remains of ET or their Craft it is a difficult proposition 
to prove beyond any reasonable doubt to people. The Aboriginal Australian 
Natives initiate youth by taking them to a location and giving instruction 
utilizing large Diagrams on the ground that display the paths between stars and 
worlds other than out own star system of Soltec 3. The Dogon had entrusted 
information also about ET and the Trinary Star System of Sirius that remained 
undiscovered by science and Professional Astronomers until recent times. The figures 
on the monuments at Tiahuanaco have four fingers not five. Tiahuanaco's Middle 
Period was dated by Posnansky at 15,538 BC. The Spanish destroyed much of the 
critical knowledge engraved on the eighteen foot monolithic figures which is 
lost forever to us. The ancient Tibetan Teaching and the Hindu place the 
Palace of the Naga and Ol Mo Ring Lung deep in the vast Ocean , and say Nagarjuna 
was transported there and received Terma from the King of the Naga which he 
taught when returned to the World of Man. G. R. S. Mead in his Book on Orpheus 
titles it "Orpheus  --- The Fisher of Souls" and an another title of Orpheus was 
"The Fisher King"  (or was it King Fisher?) setting precedent Millennia 
before appearance of Christianity, it's Piscean symbol of the Fish symbolism of 
Jesus and Peter and the 153 fish retrieved in the net.

   I hope I don't bore you, regards,

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