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Re: Theos-World Re: The USrael lobby and TRUTH

Aug 19, 2006 06:06 PM
by Cass Silva

Dear Logos
Another theory is that Hussein and Irak no longer wanted to deal in American dollars (paper) and wanted payment in Euros and/or gold.  This would have caused the collapse of the American economy as they do not have the gold to back up the dollar.

The only thing these people want to control is the money, or rather the economy, I do not believe they are slightly interested in controlling people's minds, unless of course, you include not giving out all the facts.  We are necessary asset in securing their future financial continuance.

Our dependance upon pharmaceutical drugs is not I believe for control, but again for the financial gains they provide to the real 13 families that rule from behind the scenes.  Interestingly enough the Windsors are all into natural medicine, which probably ascribes to their long life, but you can bet their wealth is invested in pharmaceuticals etc.

If we want freedom, we must first free ourselves of the manipulation imposed by the media, governments, funded scientists, religious leaders.  In this way the sheeple are kept from addressing the real issues or the truth of the matter.  One one threatens to expose or challenge the ruling classes as did Di, they are accidentally eliminated, even though I expect she felt that she had Dodi's money etc to provide some security for her.  However, the Windsors would never have stood for a bastard half brother or sister to the King of England, especially one who was not part of their cartel and one of Arab descent.

The idea that we have lost our freedom is another way or manipulation to keep us angry about it, rather than be angry isn't it better to recognise the manipulation.  In so doing, one is freed from it.  They want to keep you mad, they want to keep the hatred going, the only way we lose our freedom is when we hand it over.


logos_student2000 <> wrote:                                  Dear Frank,
 This brings up an excellent point.  I have for some time now, known
 that there is no oil shortage and peak oil is alot of nonsense.  Many
 people tell me it's all about Bush and the oil - but I think they
 overlooked the point as mentioned by Nahum Goldman.  Not only that but
 the whole deal with oil is about CONTROL.  They are turning the oil
 off and that is why they can drive up prices by saying we are at peak
 oil.  They wish to suppress all progress, unless for themselves.  They
 have enough oil in Alaksa alone to fuel the world for decades and they
 refuse to tell the American people the truth.  Moreover, these
 Zionists would rather us ALL breath soot than allow clean technology
 to thrive.  They just never stop lying - having all the oil in the
 world is not good enough for them - they want control.  Control of our
 minds, of our hearts and souls.  Cancer virus' in the vaccines,
 flouride (a toxin) in our waters and AIDS being manufactured at fort
 detrick Maryland - they are never satisfied.... being a
 multi-trillionares is not good enough for them.  
 I begged my mother to not take the vaccine.  She did not hear me and
 developed MS a day later.  Naturally, I was very upset and with much
 prayer from our friends and family she healed herself through karmic
 relations and through God's Grace.  How many children are now on 15+
 LEGAL drugs - just because they are hyper active, instead of reducing
 sugars they are placed on drugs which alters their brain making them
 kill their entire family.     
 We do not need prove Flouride is an essential nutrient - they must
 prove to use our bodies need it my force medication in our waters.  We
 need not prove that vaccines (made now in insect eggs) are good for
 us, it is "they" who must prove our own immune systems are not able to
 function.  No chemical imbalance testing exists to warrent any
 Psycho-trophic drugs yet they administer it to hyper or nervous children. 
 Good people are supposed to be enragged at tyranny like this.  Good
 people are not supposed to smile and be happy when they see this
 happening.  There is a time to pray and a time to act and I say I will
 not stand by and allow these monsters to destroy what is left of the
 US Consitution. If the good American people do not vote out ALL
 incumbants (except for a few) in the coming November elections, no
 matter Liberal nor Republican, then they may have no other choice but
 to head to the streets.  Strong Christian nations like some Latino
 countries have forced them out having no other choice!  Should they be
 guilty of using force?  
 Frank, I feel our level or self defense is proportional to our
 spiritual ability to work without violence.  If a man would take a
 sword and try to smite us, would we stand there and pray, or would we
 duck?  Since we cannot de-materialize our bodies just yet, what are we
 to do?  Since we cannot disarm them through our mouths or a look of
 unslefish love, what options do we still have?  Should we leave behind
 our families, or should we not duck?     
 Those who find me hateful fail to see the struggles we all face.  Do
 we duck, or do we pray - I find myself stuck somehow in the middle -
 But I am honest as to what and where I am.  This is why I address you
 and not these others who see themselves as only "spiritualists' and
 yet in their so claiming, fail to have any!
 --- In, "Frank Reitemeyer"
 <ringding777@...> wrote:
 > The Zionist lobby on theos-talk suspected the true words of
 Katherine Tingley and Mahatma Gandhi on the Jewish question and Palestine.
 > Here is a quote from the Jew Nahum Goldman, who confirms both KT and
 > Will the Zionists now cry down Goldmann as an anti-semite? 
 > BTW, what is the theosophical definition of that term? 
 > "The Jews will stop at nothing to illegally drive out the
 Palestinians from what was their homeland. The Jews have no claim on
 that land, as they themselves admit. Zionist Nahum Goldman, Former
 President of the World Jewish Congress has said: 
 > "The Jews might have had Uganda, Madagascar, and other places for
 the establishment of a Jewish Fatherland, but they wanted absolutely
 nothing except Palestine: not because the Dead Sea water by
 evaporation can produce five trillion dollars of metalloids and
 powdered metals; not because the sub-soil of Palestine contains twenty
 times more petroleum than all the combined reserves of the two
 Americas; but because Palestine is the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and
 Africa, because Palestine constitutes the veritable center of world
 political power, the strategic center for world control."
 > Shalom to all truth and peace lovers.
 > Frank
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