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Aug 19, 2006 03:38 PM
by logos_student2000

Dear Gary,

Thank you for your kind thoughts and staying true to the path of
Theosophy - the path which I at times sway back and forth in my anger
to expose the Illuminati and Zionists who control the world today.  I
appreciate your insight and you have reminded me that there is a
spiritual battle going on here and not just a physical battle on
Earth.  Rudolph Steiner mentioned the date 1879 - as the date which
Archangel Michael would force the dragon from the spiritual worlds
onto the physical plane.  Thus, the Christ flows down to us all from
the etheric and a great evil is influencing men in the material.  As
you may be aware, the rountable group of Cecil Rhodes and many others
were known to have been on the move by 1879 and the forcing of mundane
materialism is preparing the way for Ahriman's return in flesh.  Some
belive Ahriman is alread here in flesh - but i understand he may also
materialise in (decayed light) or electricity macrocosmically in
computers (for example) and does not necessarily need to have a human
form. I know I am persistent because I want so badly want to know who
"they" are.  I want to know what are their names, where do they live.
I want a shine a bright light of truth upon these evils ones (at the
very top) and this drives me forward in exposing them and it takes me
from my spiritual path at times.  This is what holds me back.   

Dear gary,  I thank you for reading my posts and understanding me. 
You are correct, I am very aware of the Conspiracy but as you noticed
I do have many fears and I am still learning.  If you have (in your
journey) come across any information, or links which you think may
help shed some light on the matter of this Conspiracy, I would be
delighted to coresponde with you either in private, or on this forum -
whichever you prefer.  

I noticed Franks posts had a grfeat element of truth.  I never even
saw his posts as pro-Hitler or pro nazi, and in fact, I found his
ideas refreshing and these ideas were making sense.  I saw his easlier
posts and they were always direct and "matter of fact" and this is the
true nature of why I noticed his posts more-so than any others.  But
I'd like you to know that I think anyone can see Frank is a decent
person who stands up to evil and I cannot judge a man too harshly for
caring selflessly for spreading truth - even if the message is
presented bluntly at times - as I have also been blunt myself.  I look
what is behind the words and even though I get confused at times
myself, my intention (as is Franks) is to prevent violence and that
means we have to labour with our brains and our hands and possible use
what systems are avaibable to vote and do whatever is necessary to
keep evil ones away from our dear children, out of our systems,
schools etc.  But if we cannot even come to truth on this Theosphy
form, if so called Thesophates are calling for sanctions on speech,
than I am truly at a loss of words.    

Gary, I will put together a list of websites and information for
people to investigate so as to bring them up to speed with where I am
(as you mentioned) and perhaps I'll leave it up everyone if they wish
to add links to this post.  This way, we can stay away from only
faction 1 of Conspiracy talk and we can seek the inner truths.  Also,
I am at the end of the day not a faction 1, because I desire inner
truths more than material truth.  

You are a kind man Gary.

Logos Student

--- In, "oceantheos" <gbarnhart@...> wrote:
> Dear Logos student 2000 and Carlos,
> Carlos, please consider that you may be jumping the gun so to speak.
> I wish to ask a few questions and make a few observations.
> Mr. logos, are you going down the road of Faction One (NWO) versus
> Faction Two (KsT)? If so you may be way ahead of most people on
> this site. Secondly, are you attempting to guide Frank R. into
> realizing whats Really going on, because he is very confused?
> Carlos, it appears you have wished to "test and examine". If I am
> correct in my intuition and hunches than perhaps you may wish to 
> sit back and listen awhile. In all due respect, from listening to
> you it appears you seem to like to have the last word on things.
> Carlos, do you Really know why HPB and her teachers could not fully
> reveal more? Did they not say that they did not wish to release more
> opposing forces than necessary? Do you know who and what these dark
> forces are?  Do you know what they look like in the present?
> Carlos and Logos, there are many,many people in all kinds of
> backgrounds who are perhaps more aware and knowledgeable than the
> multitudes in who was behind 9-11.  Now having said that, is this
> the appropriate site to go into that? Carlos, and others, just how 
> much real life testing and examination are you and others Really up 
> for?
> Theosophy was brought out in order to affect mans consciousness,
> that is, their inner knowing if like. It is deeper and broader than
> than discussing and learning the outer intrigue that men are 
> involved with in trying to contol monetary systems and mind 
> conditioning religions and mind conditioning ideologies and wealth.
> Carlos, let me remind you, you are the one who told me and everyone
> else that this site was to also let folks test and examine
> theosophy in the real world, applications. Now I hear you backing
> away from that position just as things are heating up nicely.
> Logos, perhaps you may wish considering putting together a list of
> web sites for people to investigate so as to bring them up to
> speed with where you are? It is evident to me that you are way
> past Carlos in understanding the Factions, the U S Federal Reserve,
> the intelligence field, the covert operations and on and on.
> There are many that know but hesitate to speak. Unbeleivability is
> as rampant in those areas just as it is within the realm of
> people avoiding the philosophy of theosophy.
> People have a wonderful way of transfering their trust of authority
> cultivated in their family onto their leaders (read tibal 
> leaders),unless they have been substantially oppressed.  That 
> oppression has not yet occurred enough in the US to wake people up
> enough to Really question whats going on in their quick slide into
> fascism.  Many know something is very wrong and for a couple 
> generations now people have simply blamed the "fatcats" and their
> two-faced politicians, not knowing that it goes way deeper than
> that.
> Now, do we really want to go there or would it be simpler to set up 
> another theos-political talk site?  Perhaps it may be simpler if 
> Logos and Frank exchanged emails in private?  Is Frank R. ready to
> look at some alternatives to idolizing Adolph Hitler?  Is Carlos
> and others ready to look at alternatives perspectives to the 9-11 
> events?  How deep into these issues do others in this site wish to
> look?
> My personal experience has been that many in my realm of reach are 
> rather reluctant and even refusing to go into the realm of shock
> and unbelievability as they are mind conditioned by their
> televisions, corporate media, government leaders, religious leaders 
> and their own lack of experience and knowlege in behind the scenes 
> manipulation.  And from personal experience, I can tell you that 
> most religious leaders in the U.S. are in the dark themselves and 
> are also afraid to speak out for fear of congregational backlash 
> which can be very severe. They also know to choose their battles
> carefully.
> Logos, I can add a few web sites to a list if you wish? But first 
> please address my first question so that I can get some better 
> insight into your knowledge, if you will. If my question is unclear
> than please ask for clarification from me.
> Thank you all for your patience with this lengthy letter and your
> consideration of it.
> Sincerely and best regards,
> Gary B.

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