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RE: the multidimensions forms parallel universes

Aug 19, 2006 11:35 AM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

8/19/2006 11:02 AM

Dear Venkatesh:

we find points of agreement on many things.

I am aware the ancient Indian knowledge is older than that recently
developed in the “West.”  It has not been in any way fully translated or

Evidene of its existence and importance emerges from a close study of the
Mahatma’s writing through their Messenger:  HPB. in  SECRET DOCTRINE  and in
ISIS UNVEILED/\.  But the keys to its existence on 7 planes and in 7 manners
is plain to the careful student. 

Here are some notes:


A tale by W. Q. Judge

The cold materialism of th 19th century paralyzes sentiment and kills
mysticism.  Thus it commits a double crime, in robbing man and preventing
many classes of sentient beings  from  progressing up the ladder that leads
from earth to heaven.

So in telling these tales I feel sheltered behind the shield of the editors
of the magazine for which I write, for, were I to be known as believing that
any beings whatever other than man are affected by the mental negations of
the century, my life would soon become a burden.

This age is so full of ignorance that it sees not and cares nothing for the
groans that are rolling among the caverns of mother earth fathoms deep below
its surface.  Nor will it care until its contempt for what it calls
superstition shall have caused its ruin, and then--another age will have
risen and other men have come.

It was not so in our Sacred Island cycles ago.  Then what we call
superstition was knowledge that has now been replaced by impudent scorn for
aught save the empiric classification of a few facts;  a heritage of glory
given up for a mere statement of the limits of our ignorance.  But I will
plunge into the past and forget the present jour.

Seven months had rolled away since the time when, standing in the picture
gallery, I had seen the simulacrum of a dear friend blacken and disappear,
and now on the morning of the day when I was to pass by the mountain of the
diamond, the news was brought to me how he had fallen faithless to his
trust, overcome by vanity with its dark companion, doubt.

So, at the appointed hour, I waited for the messenger.  Once again the white
moonbeams shone into the room and, revealing the monthly dial curiously
wrought into the floor and walls by a chemical art that allowed nothing to
be revealed save by moonlight after the 14th day of her course, told me in a
language pale and cold that this was the 17th day.  I stood and watched the
dial, fascinated by the symbols that crept out with the silvery light,
although for years I had seen the same thing every month.  But now as I
looked some new combination of our ancient magic was revealed.  Every now
and then clouds seemed to roll across the floor, while on them rested the
earth itself.  This I had never seen before.  Seven times it rolled by, and
then I felt next t me the silent messenger.  Turning I saw him just as he
stood when he called me to the gallery,

“Do you know this picture?” said he.

“No.  All is dark to me.”

“It is the sign that you are to come to the earth’s hall beyond the gallery.
Look again closely at that rolling ball upon the clouds, and tell me what
you see.”

These words seemed to float not from the man’s lips, but from all about him,
as it the air was full of sound.  But observing the direction I gazed at the
picture and saw that the surface of the mystic globe was moving, and then
that myriads of small creatures were coming through it.

“It is time” said the sounds from all about the impassive being.  “That is
the signal.  We will go.”  And he turned away.

I followed while he led me up to the building and through the gallery of
tell-tale pictures where still in the silence the faces changed and the soft
music sounded. I would have lingered there to see those magic pictures, but
a cord seemed to draw me after my guide.  As we approached the other end of
the gallery soothing was visible to the eye save a blank wall, but the
messenger passed through it an disappeared. Afraid to stop, unable to resist
the drawing of the invisible cord, I walked against the wall.  One short
moment of suspense and with my breath held I had passed through;  it was but
a cloud, or a vapor--and I was on the other side.  Turing, expecting to
still see though that immaterial wall, I found it was impervious to the
sight and then the cord that drew me slackened, for my guide had stopped.
Stepping up to the wall, my outstretched fingers went through it, or rather
disappeared within it, for they felt no sensation.  Then the messenger’s
voice said.

“Such is the skin of the Earth to those who live below it.”  With these
words he walked on again through a door in a large room into which I
followed.  Here a faint but oppressive smell of earth filled all the space,
and, standing just inside the door-way now closed by a noiselessly moving
door, I saw the whole place save where we stood was moving, as if the great
globe were here seen revolving upon its axis and all its motions felt.
As I gazed the surface of the revolving mass was seen to be covered with
circling hosts of small creatures whose movements caused the revolutions,
and all at once it seemed as it the moving body became transparent, and
within was filled with the same creatures.  They were constantly coming from
the surface and moving to the center along well-defined paths.  Here was the
whole globe represented in forcible miniature , and these creatures within
and upon it of their own nature moved it, guided by some mysterious Being
whose presence was only revealed by beams of light.  Nor could the others
see him, but his silent directions were carried out.

These little beings were of every color and form; some wore an appearance
similar to that of man himself, others appeared like star blossoms of the
sea, their pure tints waxing and waning as they throbbed with an interior
pulse of light.  Whatever their shapes, these seemed evanescent,
translucent, and easily dissipated;  in their real essence the creatures
were centers of energy, a nucleolus around which light condensed, now if
this form, now in that, with constant progression of type and form.  Some
were swift and [more] harmonious in their movements than others, and these I
understood were the more progressed in the scale of Being.  Such had a
larger orbit, and satellites circled about them.  Of such systems the place
was full, and all owed obedience to the subtle and interior Power which I
could not discern.  Each system existed for the service of all the rest;
each;  each complemented and sustained the others as they swept onward in a
harmony that was labor and love.  Their object seemed twofold:  they
assisted in maintaining the revolutions of the earth upon its axis and in
guiding it in its orbit.  They also grew through the ever-increasing
swiftness of their own motions into greater splendor and brightness,
approaching greater intelligence, coming ever nearer to self-conscious
reason and love, and, as they grew, stimulated the latent spark in the
metals and all the underworld growth as the lambent touch of flame awakens

Guided by the Unseen Power and in their automatic obedience (for to obey was
their nature), there were some who, by the greatness of their own momentum
and the ferment of new forces attracted and gathering about them, seemed
upon the point of bursting into some fuller expression, some higher state of
intelligence and life but they were withheld by something  that was not the
Power guiding them.  Looking closer I saw that an antagonistic influence was
at work in the place.

The orbit of many of those docile and beautiful creatures included a passage
to and fro the mystic wall.  Their duties were upon the earth as well as
beneath it surface;  faithful fulfillment of these functions comprised an
evolution into higher service and a higher form. The malign influence often
prevented this.  It seemed like a dark mist full of noxious vapor that
deadened while it chilled.  As the clouds rolled into the hall their wreaths
assumed now this shape and now that, changeful and lurid suggestions of
hatred, lust and pride.  Many of the creatures coming in contact with these
had that influence stamped upon their sensitive spheres giving them the
horrid likeness which they were powerless to shake off, thus becoming
servants of the baleful mist itself with altered and discordant motions.
Others were paralyzed with the chill contact.  Others were so taxed to make
up for the partial suspension of their fellows’ activity that their work was
unsteady and their orbital revolutions checked.  But still the hole throng
swung on like some splendid creation, paling, glowing, throbbing, pausing, a
huge iridescent heart scintillating, singing through the gloom.  Here the
mist was beaten back by greater efforts that jarred the harmony;  there it
gathered, condensed, and in its vile embrace swept in bright systems,
stifling their motions, then leaving them.  And all through this strange
picture and wonderful battle I could see the dim cloud-like shapes of cities
inhabited by the men of the globe.

In my mind the query rose,  “Why do the earth’s cities look like dreams?”

And there upon the wall flashed out this sentence, while its meaning sounded
in every letter:

“When you are being shown the elemental beings, the men of your earth and
their cities appear as clouds because it is not to them that your mind is
directed.  Look yet again!”

I saw that the evil mist had gathered strength in one part of the place, and
had destroyed the harmony and swiftness of so many of the little beings that
the great circling globe was moving off its axis, circling more and more.
So I knew that upon whatever earth this happened great changes would occur,
and that in the path of the mist there would sweep over man epidemics of
disease and crime.  Horrified at such impending calamities, I sought for an
answer and looked towards my guide.  As I did so he disappeared, and upon
the wall his voice seemed to paint itself in living letters that themselves
gave out a sound.

“It is the thoughts of men.”  I hid my face, appalled at owning such a
heritage, and when I looked again great jets spurted through the Skin of the
Earth, thoughts spouting and pouring out in miasmic streams.

I would have asked more, but again from some vast distance came the tones of
the deep bronze bell;  as shower of earth’s blossoms fell abut me;  I had
passed the wall;  my guide was gone; and I was alone in my own room
reflecting on what I has seen..

Bryan Kinnavan  ( W. Q. Judge)    PATH, October 1889




Hope this helps,

Best wihes



-----Original Message-----
From: venkat harry 
Sent: Friday, August 18, 2006 10:05 AM

hello mr.dallas

my name is venkatesh.

i liked your article conversing about the multidimentional forms,....etc
with regard to the ancient wisdom .....and also lord shri krsna.

it was quite interesting points that you made. sir, my point of view about
parallel universes is that ....Yes ,they too are existing. sir, i would like
to tell you carefully that Indian literatures....there is every
description ....i stress.. "every"  including all forms of
Sciences....astrology, astronomy(cosmos, etc), chemicals, herbs, ayurveda,
numbers, maths, it keeps on going....coming directly to the point.

in some ancient INDIAN LITERATURE, the speed of light , accurate value is
stated.(this was stated long long back).this value can be confirmed in such
texts. however this value slightly deviates from our so called today's
science. but thus deviation is very, very, very, small.
likewise ,it also tells accurately(almost precisely ie in billions or
trillions) how many universes are currently existing and how exactly are
they  controlled. you may be doubting my views now.....i should say you
this....such texts are usually not available for normal public.
but i can just tell you this.....there are innumerable universes, each with
its own BRAHMA;, supervising the smooth functioning of such universes, who
is in turn controlled by a higher form(who is recognised by certain sages as
the SUPREME ONE lord).

i also can tell you that till a certain location or space as is i can tell,
is under the supreme control of time and is enacting in them the cause and
effect principles. this ,to elaborate is very very only
intention of informing this is that i have known that you could try to
verify such facts and put it across to certain persons.

i hope you would find this informational. please reply back if you have
viewed this mail of mine.
thank you very much.

hare krishna.

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