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Re: Al-Queda-Nazis-theos-talk

Aug 19, 2006 10:11 AM
by Mark Jaqua

    I agree with Carlos.  I hate seeing Frank 
the Nazi's crap, and it makes theosophist look 
bad.  The poor guy is scizophrenic & Frenic 
- under a Mamo-line of force, or the "dark 
side of the force," able to believe in two 
opposites at the same time - Theosophy vs 
hate-filled Nazism at the same time.
     As for Jews - I say the more Jews 
the better.  As a theosophist, who would 
you rather live around, jews or christians? 
Jews without doubt are more tolerant.  
Christians just persecute other religions, 
which maybe isn't as bad as the large arm 
of fanatic moslems, who may outright kill 
them.  Where there's no brains, there's 
no toleration or principles, except as 
a passing phase.
        - jake j.
    Posted by: "carlosaveline" 
    Date: Fri Aug 18, 2006 1:47 pm (PDT)
<Dear Eldon Tucker, dear Friends, 
  <I invite you to take a look at the postings made during the first days 
after September 11, 2001. 
  <After an initial message by a "NOS" asking if N. Y.'s theos-talkers 
were all alive, this same "NOS" and Frank Reitemayer proceed to say and 
repeat that the USA and its people are responsible for having been 
<attacked by the Al Qaeda terrorists; that all democracy is a fake, that the 
<Jews are the only responsible for all human problems, and so on. 
<They also stated that the Twin Towers Terrorist attack was in fact made 
<by George Bush himself and the Jewish.  This is the old Nazi technique 
of putting the all guilt and responsibility in the victims themselves.  
<Perhaps Eldon, being owner of this e-group, can consider doing 
something, as here we have indirect (sometimes direct)  apology to terrorists 
<actions, and tireless apology of Nazism and anti-semitism   in a 
<Theosophical list. 
<It is not fair for the members of the list to have this kind of stuff 
here. It  is harmful to the movement, as it creates confusion regarding 
<the relation of the movement with NAZIS and TERRORISTS.   
  <It is not true that Theosophy has anything to do with any form of 
authoritarian violence, systematic hatred for democracy or  anti-semitism. 
  <As this is a theosophical list, discussion of present world affairs 
<here should be made from the viewpoint of respect for life and for all 
  I invite those who have a deep respect for human rights in general and 
<for the theosophical movement in particular to speak out and/or to 
<write to Eldon Tucker asking for some practical measures -- beyond 
  <The coalition Al Qaeda/Nazi Party has no place here, I guess.   
<A theosophical list must not accept Nazi/Terrorist propaganda. 
  <Best regards,   Carlos. 

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