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Re: Theos-World Evidence: The Case For NASA UFO's ?

Aug 19, 2006 02:21 AM
by plcoles1

Hi Mark and John,
Another one on Google that's related and I think well worth watching in conjunction is  
The Secret NASA Transmissions - The Smoking Gun :

All this has prompted me to read Robert Temple's book `The Sirius Mystery' which has 
been sitting on my bookshelf, in it he describes the tradition of Dogon tribe in West Africa 
to who spoke of a 3rd star in the Sirius system which was only recently confirmed by 
scientists in 1995 

(Temple wrote his book in 1976 but has since done an updated edition after the 
confirmation of the 3rd star in 95)

Temple's scholarly credentials are quite impressive as well so it's sirius research, 
pardon the pun :->


--- In, "Mark Hamilton Jr." <waking.master@...> wrote:
> On a more serious note, the second part of the documentary has an 
> impressive explanation that is analogous to Leon's ABC theory. However 
> the introduction of aquatic extraterrestrials nearing the end was not as 
> convincing. If you draw your own conclusions from the video, it's 
> definitely worth the 3 hours of time.
> -Mark H.

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