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Re: Theos-World Re: Dear Friends - Some Burning Questions I Have

Aug 18, 2006 04:34 PM
by Cass Silva

You are so full of hate and revenge that it blinds you from all truth.  Your arrogance deceives you in thinking that truth seekers are interested in your opinion on subjects that have no theosophical bearing. If your purpose is to spread hatred then I weep for you.

logos_student2000 <> wrote:                                  Frank,
 Thank you very much for taking the time to respond to all my burning 
 questions.  It's interesting that I find myself surrounded by many 
 who are hungry for "truth".  I do not care for being "happy", for 
 when searching for happiness we rarely do find it.  I am not 
 interested in being everyone's friend or comforter (like Bailey and 
 others) and that means pissing people off at times for holding some 
 views which they consider extremist perhaps.  I see very few people 
 taking the time to investigate these matters for themselves (they'd 
 rather drink, watch sports and be happy in bliss) I am blessed to be 
 miserable at times in knowing the truth!  Yes, comfort is nice and 
 so is happiness, but I will not go out in search of it and ignore 
 truth – replacing it with pacifist nonsense and buzz words.
 I wish to address several posters comments on the link you provided 
 on Lebanon.  The normal response from any spiritual Jewish people 
 (if I may crudely refer to them as "Torah following Jews" and those 
 who read the Talmud as "commentary" and the Zohar), would be only of 
 heart felt concern.  In the past people have told me that as a 
 Christian what do I think of the crimes of the Catholic Church?  My 
 response is always the same in that I KNOW they have done terrible 
 evil, albeit most leave out Khazaria/Venice/Black Nobility and fail 
 to separate them from the Roman Church, yet even still I do say that 
 the Catholic church murdering over a million Cathars under Pope 
 Innocent III, was monstrous.  I believe the Christians referred to 
 the Pope as the Anti-Christ at that time.  Not surprisingly, the 
 Pope was deceived by the Venetians who sacked not only the Muslims 
 but sacked the Christians they were supposed to defend.  As you may 
 know these Venetians were the converts to Judaism.  Yet, when 
 responding to the question that was put to me, I say the church was 
 acting like Satanists and not like Christians.  When someone attacks 
 the church and then sarcastically asks me why I am a Christian, my 
 response is not denying the truth by calling them anti-Christian!  
 My answer is to accept the facts and explain the difference between 
 a Christian like myself and a so-called Christian like Pope Innocent 
 III, or Venetians.  Yet the average person dares speak of Judaism - 
 no indeed.  Priests are all Homosexual pedophiles….. But don't dare 
 go there with Judaism – don't you dare open up the Talmud!  
 So what do these so-called Theosophists like Bailey have in common 
 with Blavatsky – NOTHING!  If you all want to end up like 
 Krishnamurti go ahead and listen to that witch, Bailey.  If 
 Blavatsky were alive today I'd bet she would drag have of these 
 clowns by the neck and spank them telling them "calling me anti-
 Semitic is like saying anti-PRO" and a nonsense word! Use something 
 more interesting dummy!"  I'm being silly here but you get my point.
 Dear Frank, my burning questions were getting to the heart of the 
 matter.  I want to prevent a backlash of hatred toward Jewish 
 people; but instead of the Jews admitting that yes indeed the Jews 
 of the past have at Passover and other occasions, tortured 3 year 
 old boys, skinned them alive, drinking their blood, circumcising 
 them, crucifying them etc, they call this all hatred, lies and anti-
 Semitism.  Some even call this Satanism, but I call it a twisted 
 form of Talmudic teachings which many mistake for SATANISM.  I would 
 like to see what people think about these children having been 
 canonized by the community, having their in-graving still found at 
 these churches by loving families, after they were so savagely 
 murdered.  Do Jewish folks deny these crimes are the kind which hath 
 made them hated throughout millenniums?  When are Jews going to 
 accept that the world is not just picking on them ALONE unless YES 
 INDEED, there is VERY good reason they were expelled in almost all 
 nations at one time or another. Please do not tell me that the 
 DONMEH never backstabbed the Muslims in the Ottoman Empire and 
 murdered hundreds of thousands of Christens, blaming it solely upon 
 Muslims Turks.  How come no Holocaust for those Armenian Gentiles?  
 How is it that Christians can be so dumb as to call Jesus a Jew, and 
 yet Jews rightfully know that he was a Nazarene?  Why would any 
 Church teach that Jesus was a Jew UNLESS infiltrated by Jews?  Give 
 me break!!    
 I wish to direct to the Jewish people here - calling them 
 Theosophists to the fact that Karl Marx was not considered orthodox, 
 yet he was a Talmudists and in death provided a huge Rabbi's 
 ceremonial.  Herzl used to say that any Jew who do not shave off 
 their locks and who do not look like European are going to be second 
 class civilian and have no right to vote.  During WW2, only the non-
 Orthodox Jews were rescued, why is that?  I ask the Jewish people 
 why is it that the Zionists pretend not to be OTHODOX and yet they 
 are somehow involved in black magic, as Herzl wanted to ghettoize 
 the Jews – he was a racist and black magician yet he was opposed to 
 the ultra orthodox Jews, why?   Who are these imposter Jews "Iudeans 
 who are not Iudeans" and what should WE CALL THEM NOW?  Are they 
 Talmudists, are they Zionists, are they Orthodox Jews, what are 
 So now we come to modern day and the entire world is mortified by 
 the cries of those innocents dying in Lebanon.  Frank you posted a 
 link knowing full well that the same people who would cry "unfair" 
 and "propaganda" are basically the same who would claim that Hitler 
 murdered 6,000,000 + Jews and feel little need to look any closer.  
 Interesting indeed that I should see several excellent documentaries 
 proving how millions of Jews were/are receiving reparations from 
 Germany and not only that but that the Red Cross has the lists of 
 300,000 + people in those camps which included, Jews, Christians, 
 Gypsies etc.  They offered kosher food (something today, we 99% non-
 Jews seem to have to pay for daily) and even had swimming pools and 
 sports!  The furnaces were mostly PROPAGANDA and the photos of shoes 
 and piles of bodies were fabrications; with the bodies being from 
 GENTILES who were murdered under Stalin in Russia!!  I commend you 
 Frank for holding steadfast.  Although I do not approve of much of 
 Hitler's actions (just as you have repeatedly mentioned upon 
 deaf ears) I can say that the Jewish Leninists and Stalinists had a 
 combined murdering blood-bath of terror and torture of over 50 
 million gentiles.  Stalin even had Jewish protection laws so severe, 
 that anyone called or even suspected as being an "anti-Semite" 
 disappeared, and was tortured to death.  We have how many Holocaust 
 movies made every week - re-enforcing guilt on the German people – 
 over and over and over and over again?  The Germans are truly a 
 wonderful people and a wonderful nation with a splendid culture who 
 have been destroyed by Zionism.  Yet no attention is paid and no 
 memorials for the 50 million + Gentiles killed under Lenin and 
 Stalin?  What about all those Gentiles who starved to death in 
 Germany thanks to Zionist sanctions – no memorials?   
 No, instead we hear the cries of Nazi lies and unfair Propaganda.  
 Boo hoo!  
 --- In, "Frank Reitemeyer" 
 <ringding777@...> wrote:
 > Dear Logos-student,
 > thnak you very much for your interesting comments 
 > and level-headed questions!
 > What a contrast to mere emotional meanings!
 > For better reading I include my answers into your 
 > text:
 > LS:
 > Dear Frank and fellow Theosophists,
 > I am fairly new to Theosophy and Anthroposophy but 
 > I read several
 > books from both Rudolph Steiner and Madame 
 > Blavatsky. I find your
 > comments very well thought out and I hope to also 
 > assist you in any
 > way I can, as I have found the experience in 
 > coming here to be
 > enlightening. As a Christian coming from a decent 
 > background in
 > revisionist history, I had already read books such 
 > like the "Committee
 > of 300" by Dr. John Coleman and his other books 
 > which expose the
 > "black Nobility" Illuminati etc. Learning the 
 > esoteric teachings, I
 > have decided to combine many truths from both the 
 > Esoteric and the
 > exoteric understanding.
 > Frank:
 > Good insight, good knowledge, as both belong 
 > together.
 > LS:
 > The recent attack on Lebanon has created a sense 
 > of urgency in many
 > people and I feel the need more now than ever to 
 > speak "truth" and
 > thus remove the veil of darkness surrounding us 
 > all. People are
 > seemly more receptive to the truth now more than 
 > ever before - I have
 > found. Kindly, I ask for your help in the 
 > clarification of some
 > burning questions I have regarding several issues 
 > spoken of by several
 > of you and also questions I have had in the past.
 > Frank:
 > I'll give you my answers to the best of my present 
 > knowledge.
 > But I do not consult bulks of books as for a 
 > doctor thesis.
 > Also I know not all and I am not posing as a 
 > teacher.
 > I am but a truth searcher (and that can be much in 
 > our perverted time).
 > LS:
 > Here are some questions I have:
 > 1) Was the work of Henry Ford coming from an 
 > honest approach to stop
 > evil Jewish leaders, (for example he mentioned 
 > Lord Rothschild) or was
 > he part of the plan to create an atmosphere of 
 > hatred against Jews?
 > Frank:
 > I have no knowledge of Ford's motives, but what he 
 > wrote found many people true.
 > It is said that he in the 1940'ies was forced to 
 > forswear.
 > To speak out the truth or defend victims cannot be 
 > hate according to theosophical moral code.
 > LS:
 > 2) I read that Hitler was correct to identify the 
 > Zionists with that
 > of the black lodge. I read that Hitler was used 
 > and tricked by black
 > magicians (Dugpas in Tibet, or Red Hats) into 
 > thinking all Jews were
 > Zionists. If this is so, was Hitler working with 
 > the CA or against
 > them? Was Hitler aware that the Jesuits were also 
 > Jewish in origin,
 > or not?
 > Frank:
 > I do not think that AH limited the conspiracy to 
 > Zionists, with whom he was forced to co-operate 
 > (Havaara treaty).
 > What do you mean by CA? Catholic Action?
 > A statesman - that is not limited to AH - works 
 > with all of them. AH and the Jewish World Congress 
 > f.e. continued meetings until 1944.
 > That he was trickd by black magicians is possible, 
 > but I have no hard facts pro or con. I think that 
 > the black magic stories, AH beating the carpet 
 > etc., from Rauschning, Pauwels/Bergier etc. are 
 > merely black propaganda. Even if "documents" 
 > appear with the name of de Purucker to confirm 
 > this black propaganda, which comes from the Occult 
 > Bureau of Churchill in London under Aleister 
 > Crowley.
 > One of the few direct occult accounts on AH we 
 > have from his Jewish friend August Kubiczek, who 
 > reports from AH's mystic initiation in the hills 
 > of Vienna. Since then his blue eyes are reported 
 > as having glown and people never forgot this magic 
 > eyes full of compassion and love.
 > Savitri Devi reports:
 > "Someone once asked Ramana Maharishi - one of the 
 > greatest spiritual personalities of modern India 
 > (he died only a few years ago) - what he thought 
 > of Adolf Hitler. The answer was short and simple: 
 > "He is a 'gnani,'" i.e., a sage; one who "knows," 
 > who is, through personal experience, fully 
 > conscious of the eternal truths that express the 
 > Essence of the Universe; conscious of the 
 > hierarchic character of its visible (and 
 > invisible) manifestations in time and outside 
 > time; conscious of the nature and place of gods, 
 > men and other creatures, animate and inanimate, in 
 > the light of the One inexpressible Reality behind, 
 > within and above them all: the Brahman-Atman of 
 > the Hindu scriptures, thousands of years old. This 
 > implies, of course, consciousness of the great 
 > Laws of manifestations that preside over the 
 > birth, life, death, rebirth and liberation from 
 > the wheel of birth and rebirth, of all creatures, 
 > and therefore of the fundamental inequality of 
 > creatures, including people - and races - the 
 > inequality of souls as well as of bodies, and - on 
 > the social plane - the strivings for an order that 
 > would be the exact reflection of this inequality 
 > within the universal, divine hierarchy - of this 
 > unity within hierarchical diversity."
 > LS:
 > 3) Frank, you mentioned in one of your posts about 
 > the "V" sign vs.
 > the Lutheran sign. Could you explain what is the 
 > Lutheran sign? Was
 > this the En-Volt with the hand extended outward 
 > and up or something else?
 > Frank:
 > Right. It's also called the German salution.
 > Martin Luther used this sign of liberty on his 
 > march to the Reichstag.
 > AH took this over to show that the Lutheran 
 > reformation will be continued.
 > The V is the counter En-Volt.
 > LS:
 > 4) I read a book called "the History of Jewish 
 > Human Sacrifice" and it
 > is filled with tons of actual reports of ritual 
 > killing being
 > conducted by Jewish people. Martin Luther was also 
 > quoted as saying
 > the Jews were doing such things and if so, is this 
 > ritual human
 > sacrifice still practiced by certain 
 > Talmudist-Jews today?
 > Frank:
 > Yes. They used in the Nuremberg show trial.
 > Also leading politicians in Germany were 
 > ritualistic slaughtered for the reason that they 
 > supported Barter business (direct cargo exchange 
 > without bankers) or more human friendly money 
 > politics.
 > Pontak, Buback, Schleyer, Barschel, Herrhausen, 
 > Möllemann are but a few examples that each manager 
 > and politican is shot or dies from an accident who 
 > helps mankind.
 > LS:
 > 5) In the book the "Committee of 300" Dr. John 
 > Coleman explains that
 > the religion of these black nobility/Venetians is 
 > the "Zohar" and of
 > the Talmud and they refer to themselves as "the 
 > Olympians" - being
 > that they actually see themselves as being equal 
 > to those Gods etc. I
 > did some research into the matter and it appears 
 > many of them are also
 > part of this Dionysus-Osiris cult that has links 
 > back to Amun-Ra and
 > Sumerian religion. I wonder what is the connection 
 > between the
 > Talmudists and the Dionysus cults?
 > Frank:
 > Well, the historians of the Romanian Empire report 
 > of several ugly things the Jews did.
 > The first time the Jews were mentioned in Rome was 
 > in 139 B.C., when the Pretor of Rome dispelled all 
 > Jews for their orgiastic cult of Jupiter-Sabazios.
 > It is the first mention of Jews in Rome.
 > In 19 B.C. 4000 Jews of Rome were banned again - 
 > and Tacitus adds: "vile damnum" - no loss.
 > Hadrian also banned the Jews for muss murder and 
 > assassinations.
 > It is said that Boris de Zirkoff has written a 
 > still unpublished report about the Jews killing 
 > the Czar family.
 > Kun or Khun was the murder in Hungary. The 
 > Communistic mass murder and torture regime of 
 > Munich in 1919 was lead by the Jews Levine, 
 > Mühsam, Toller, Eisner.
 > The Jew Booth, a brother of the founder of the 
 > Salvation Army, a kind of Talmudism for Gojim (cp. 
 > HPB's caustic remarks), assassinated US President 
 > Lincoln.
 > The attack on Bismarck in 1866 was committed by 
 > the Jew named Cohen.
 > Czar Alexander I. was killed in 1881 by the Jew 
 > Mrs. Jesse Helfmann.
 > The Polish Jew Czolgosz assassinated in 1901 US 
 > President McKinley. Instigator behind the curtain 
 > was Emma Goldmann.
 > The Russian Jew Bogrov assassinated in 1911 the 
 > famous minister Stolypin.
 > A Jew named Stillmann assassinated the chief of 
 > the police of Odessa.
 > Also Russian minister Plehwe was murdered by a 
 > Jew.
 > The assassination attempt of the Jew Eierweiß in 
 > 1910 on the German crown prince failed.
 > The shot in Sarajevo in 1914 of Franz Ferdinand, 
 > which led to WWI, was done by the Jew and Mason 
 > Gabriele Princip.
 > The Austrian minister Count Stürgkh was shot in 
 > 1916 by the Vienna Jew Adler.
 > In 1918 the Jew Blumkin assassinated in Moscow the 
 > German ambassador Count of Mirbach.
 > In Paris the Jew Schwarzbart shot Petljura, the 
 > leader of the Ukraine.
 > Sally Epstein and Mrs. Cohn shot Horst Wessel in 
 > Germany.
 > In 1935 the Jew Weiss assassinated Roosevelt's 
 > rival candidate Senator Haey Long, Governor of 
 > Louisiana.
 > In Switzerland the Jew Frankfurter assassinated 
 > the German politician Wilhelm Gustloff.
 > In 1938 the Jew Greenspan shot the German ambassy 
 > staff member in Paris, vom Rath.
 > Herodotus reports (book 5, ch. 55), that the first 
 > politician assassinations known in history were 
 > committed by Jews named Harmodios and 
 > Aristogeiton.
 > LS:
 > 6) You all might find it interesting but I noticed 
 > that in
 > Rockefeller's book Titled " Memoirs" the inside 
 > has the "Eye of
 > Providence", or "Eye of Horus/Jupiter" and that 
 > eye is the exact same
 > eye as shown on the dollar bill. If Rockefeller is 
 > such a pious
 > Baptist than why does he have such a fascination 
 > with Horus? Is this
 > example of Judaism in disguise?
 > Frank:
 > Yes, of course.
 > We have the same problem in the Theosophical 
 > Movement.
 > The biggest perverters of HPB pose as her heirs.
 > LS:
 > I hope to eventually write a book for my children 
 > and those who wish
 > to delve deeper into truth.
 > Frank:
 > Great, but do not forget William Cooper. Writing a 
 > book was not good for his health:
 > LS:
 > Where I work, many are very awake and
 > Frank:
 > Here, too. Foreign people on the street, in the 
 > bus, in the cafe come to me and many others and 
 > speak this out.
 > That is entirely new and perhaps a sign that 
 > Rumpelstiltzkin's time of terror might be over 
 > soon:
 > LS:
 > Your comments and suggestions are most welcomed 
 > and I hope to
 > contribute and assist in any way I can.
 > Frank:
 > Thank you for support.
 > We must not allow that theos-talk turns into a 
 > talmud-talk.
 > Shalom!

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