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Aug 18, 2006 03:49 PM
by logos_student2000

Carlos, why are you bringing up posts from 4-5 years ago?  Why are you
threatening the posters here by mentioning authorities?  Why are you
calling people who share different views than your own, "mental
bombers" and "mental terrorists".

You know at fist I never suspected you.  You came across as a decent
person (I thought) but I now I see clearly.  You are nothing less than
the typical Conspiracy pooh-pooist that i find on many boards.  You
are acting like a Zionist (BTW) by trying to influence this message
board by asking the host to not allow discussion.  Sound familiar? 
Closed minded you are acting and just as long as people talk within
your comfort zone, just as long as people are in bliss talking about
'harmless" subjects you are ok.  But we dare step onto uncharted
territory by reminding you that Suicide bombers never existed before
Israel and you have a heart attack!  

Sheesh, you must think Blavatsky would be a coward and not face truth.
 If she did not agree, she'd tell you straight and not restrict your

>" I suggest Eldon Tucker should take the Nazi corporals and Suicide
Mental Bombers out of here before some authorities get perchance
interested in what is going on around. 
> I do not think it is correct, or fair, and I do not think we can
afford keeping in "dialogue" with (at least) mental terrorists. 
> Best regards, Carlos Cardoso Aveline. "

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