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Aug 18, 2006 03:43 PM
by logos_student2000


Carlos, see my comments below:
> Dear Eldon Tucker, dear Friends, 
> "I invite you to take a look at the postings made during the first
days after September 11, 2001. 
> After an initial message by a "NOS" asking if N. Y.'s theos-talkers
were all alive, this same "NOS" and Frank Reitemayer proceed to say
and repeat that the USA and its people are responsible for having been
attacked by the Al Qaeda terrorists; that all democracy is a fake,
that the Jews are the only responsible for all human problems, and so

That is correct - the 9-11 attacks were a self-inflicted wound, an
inside job.  

Al-CIA-DA = Al-Qaida

I know its scary and you may very well not be aware but many many
people share this view today and I think British MI6 and Mossad were
more-so involved in 9-11 than the CIA were.  Bin LAden's real name was
Tim Osmond and he is a CIA asset - and his family owns much of stock
in Pepsico and others!

Democracy is a joke and means soemthign other than Democratic. 
America was not a DEMON-CRACY but America was the GREAT REPUBLIC.  We
do not want democracy in American, we want a Republic.  The people in
the Middle east do not want Democracy either.  

And did Lord Rothschild's Mother say about her son in the 17th
century?  "If my son did not want wars, there would be NO WARS"  

>" They also stated that the Twin Towers Terrorist attack was in fact
made by George Bush himself and the Jewish.  This is the old Nazi
technique of putting the all guilt and responsibility in the victims
themselves.  "

This has nothing to do with Nazi' and more likely has more to do with
AshkeNAZI's than skin heads!  Benjamen Freedman said something about
This….Would you care to listen to his speech in the 1960's?  Carlos,
Please, I ask you to listen to this man.  It may cause you to lose some
sleep - if you are a true seeker of truth - you will be happy to do
Listen to the 3 parts on the page and you will have some idea that not
ONLY was Ben Freedman ONE of THEM but he exposed them!  

> "Perhaps Eldon, being owner of this e-group, can consider doing
something, as here we have indirect (sometimes direct)  apology to
terrorists actions, and tireless apology of Nazism and anti-semitism 
 in a Theosophical list. 
> It is not fair for the members of the list to have this kind of
stuff here. It  is harmful to the movement, as it creates confusion
regarding the relation of the movement with NAZIS and TERRORISTS".   
Carlos I know the twin towers were brought down by explosives and one
Doesn't need to be an adept to know these things.  Thermate + sulphur
can do wonders on building columns.  There are more terrorists in the
White House today than in any cave in Afganistan. 

> "It is not true that Theosophy has anything to do with any form of
authoritarian violence, systematic hatred for democracy or 
anti-semitism. "

I agree with your basic premise but democracy is a bad thing.  Rome
was also
a Democracy.  If you refer to "spiritual Democracy" then I see your
point but politically speaking, anything spiritual is being replaced
by the New
World Order, a false brotherhood - not a natural transition into
brotherhood but something being forced upon the masses.  We are being
squahed into a blender of sorts, losing our identities and everyone
being brought down to the lowest common denominator - instead of us
all trying to uplift each other.       

> "As this is a theosophical list, discussion of present world affairs
here should be made from the viewpoint of respect for life and for all
> I invite those who have a deep respect for human rights in general
and for the theosophical movement in particular to speak out and/or to
write to Eldon Tucker asking for some practical measures -- beyond
> The coalition Al Qaeda/Nazi Party has no place here, I guess.   
> A theosophical list must not accept Nazi/Terrorist propaganda. 
> Best regards,   Carlos. "

I agree that may be politics is not the greatest thing to discuss but
if you're going to use the word terrorist and then mention 9-11, you
best prove your case.  Nothing is as it appears and Blavatsky was not
incorrect about the Jesuits and neither was Steiner, or Sameal Aen
Woer and many others who speak out against Zionism. 

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