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Aug 18, 2006 02:54 PM
by carlosaveline

Dear Friends, 

Please consider whether the ideas below, on Jesus being a Nazi and on Nazis being holy people, can be accepted in a Theosophical list. 

Best regards,  Carlos.


Data:Fri, 18 Aug 2006 23:39:31 +0200


> Was Jesus a Nazi?
> Although HPB admired the national socialism of
> Edward Bellamy and de Purucker rejected Democracy
> (in its fake form) Talmudists like Carlos prefer
> to saw hate against Germans (like Besant and
> Leadbeater promoted over the Adyar TS and the
> Masonic network, which lead to WWI and the "table
> of the unknown ones" in Versailles.
> Carlos is also known as an abuser of the good name
> of William Q. Judge, whom he tries to kidnap for
> talmudic dead letter re-interpretation.
> As pseudo theosophists like to give people names
> and peg somebody as something, it might be useful
> to have a look at their zionist favorite term
> Nazi:
> "Jesus is just as much hated as Adolf Hitler by
> the leading Jews, for both openly fought the
> Jewish agenda under the holy Aryan symbol of the
> Swastika, Marduk's signpost. Jesus Christ saw in
> the leading Jews the children of the devil and
> Adolf Hitler propagaded the gospels. On the other
> hand, the Jews know about the great importance of
> Jesus and of the phenomenon Hitler. 2000 years ago
> Greek Jews coined the term "Nazirite" (Nazi),
> meant to describe the abode (Nazareth) of the holy
> ones, those chosen by God. The term Nazirite even
> gained entry into the Bible. "The title 'Jesus of
> Nazareth' might thus be read 'Jesus the Nazarene'.
> [Jesus the Nazirite or Jesus the Nazi, according
> to the Bible, Amos 2:11,12]
> ... the term Nazirite
> meant 'a holy person, or separated one, chosen by
> God'. ... The legends behind the gospels would be
> telling us that Jesus was a 'holy one' or
> 'separated one', with Nazareth being 'the abode of
> the holy, or separated one'. ... The term Nazirite
> stems from the root nzr, or nsr, and it is highly
> significant. ... The latter word was an ancient
> Egyptian verb meaning 'to burn' or 'to blaze'.
> Hence the word Nsrsr means 'the Island of Fire'."
> " (Alan F. Alford, When The Gods Came Down, Hodder
> and Stoughton, London 2000, S. 398 - Appendix C:
> Jesus from Nazareth). Therefore the term "Nazi"
> could also be spelled "Nasi"."
> Gosh!
> Jesus a Nazi, a holy one!
> No holy persons wished by some Jews on theos-talk?
> Stones for bread for gojim?
> Why do they not open a group of their own? A
> talmud-talk?
> That's better than to misuse the good names of
> Judge and Blavatsky, esp. when it comes from the
> fanatical United Lovers of Talmud.
> Where is the brave pukka Theosophist who puts a
> stop to Carlos' hate game?
> Frank
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