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Aug 18, 2006 02:39 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Was Jesus a Nazi?

Although HPB admired the national socialism of
Edward Bellamy and de Purucker rejected Democracy
(in its fake form) Talmudists like Carlos prefer
to saw hate against Germans (like Besant and
Leadbeater promoted over the Adyar TS and the
Masonic network, which lead to WWI and the "table
of the unknown ones" in Versailles.
Carlos is also known as an abuser of the good name
of William Q. Judge, whom he tries to kidnap for
talmudic dead letter re-interpretation.

As pseudo theosophists like to give people names
and peg somebody as something, it might be useful
to have a look at their zionist favorite term

"Jesus is just as much hated as Adolf Hitler by
the leading Jews, for both openly fought the
Jewish agenda under the holy Aryan symbol of the
Swastika, Marduk's signpost. Jesus Christ saw in
the leading Jews the children of the devil and
Adolf Hitler propagaded the gospels. On the other
hand, the Jews know about the great importance of
Jesus and of the phenomenon Hitler. 2000 years ago
Greek Jews coined the term "Nazirite" (Nazi),
meant to describe the abode (Nazareth) of the holy
ones, those chosen by God. The term Nazirite even
gained entry into the Bible. "The title 'Jesus of
Nazareth' might thus be read 'Jesus the Nazarene'.
[Jesus the Nazirite or Jesus the Nazi, according
to the Bible, Amos 2:11,12]

... the term Nazirite
meant 'a holy person, or separated one, chosen by
God'. ... The legends behind the gospels would be
telling us that Jesus was a 'holy one' or
'separated one', with Nazareth being 'the abode of
the holy, or separated one'. ... The term Nazirite
stems from the root nzr, or nsr, and it is highly
significant. ... The latter word was an ancient
Egyptian verb meaning 'to burn' or 'to blaze'.
Hence the word Nsrsr means 'the Island of Fire'."
" (Alan F. Alford, When The Gods Came Down, Hodder
and Stoughton, London 2000, S. 398 - Appendix C:
Jesus from Nazareth). Therefore the term "Nazi"
could also be spelled "Nasi"."


Jesus a Nazi, a holy one!
No holy persons wished by some Jews on theos-talk?
Stones for bread for gojim?
Why do they not open a group of their own? A
That's better than to misuse the good names of
Judge and Blavatsky, esp. when it comes from the
fanatical United Lovers of Talmud.

Where is the brave pukka Theosophist who puts a
stop to Carlos' hate game?


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