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Radha, Ramón And Judge

Aug 18, 2006 02:22 PM
by carlosaveline


José Ramón Sordo, a lifelong and most active theosophist in Mexico, is among the people who wrote to Ms. Radha Burnier last April 13 asking for a re-examination of Adyar's Case against Judge, in the 1890s, and for the opening of Adyar Archives about those facts. 

Ramón received  an answer from Ms. Radha --  the Adyar TS president --  and  her letter may go public in the next fews months. 

As long as I know  Ms. Radha has answered (with rather 'dry' words, though) to the various letters she received on the "Judge Case". 

A poor dialogue is better than no-dialogue, and we should have more exchange of views among people belonging to the different groups and institutions in the theosophical movement. 
One of these days the Adyar leaders start to hear better. 

Best regards,   Carlos Cardoso Aveline 

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