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Re: Theos-World Re: photo fraud

Aug 17, 2006 07:25 PM
by samblo

   Thanks for you comments. You might have notice that after seven years on 
this forum I broke my rule to never post in regard to political topics but due 
to the utter garbage you have responded too I also had to post a few comments.
    Two days ago watching DW TV (Deutche World) on Cable here they presented 
a clip about NeoNazi's in Germany attempting to purchase a Hotel which they 
then planned to use as a legal meeting place to get around German Law that 
restricts their activity in Germany. The interesting thing was that a NGO stepped 
in and purchased the Hotel preventing the NeoNazi's from obtaining a Legal 
meeting place to vent their views from. The New owner was interviewed and asked 
what they planned to do with the Hotel, he responded "Maybe we will forget how 
to operate a Hotel." Others in the community rallied to support the ouster of 
the NeoNazi's saying "we don't want them here in Germany."

  It has been a long time since the end of WW2 the new generation have no 
personal memory of the truth, the terrible conflict, the horror and suffering, 
and permanent scarring of souls of so much of the living world then but people 
like you are still here to remind and inform from direct knowledge. 
  It is sometimes hard to duplicate how a person can live in a free 
Democratic society, then have it turned upside down under Hitler and directly 
experience the utter devastation of their Nation only to find they are now under 
another terror, the Communists for decades. Somehow surviving it all but not without 
wounds, these souls have borne much too much at times and compassion is 
needed along with understanding sifting the chaff from the rest.


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