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Re: Theos-World Re: Difference Between Animal & Human

Aug 17, 2006 03:56 PM
by Cass Silva

Hi Mark
I was under the impression that the difference between the animal kingdom and the human kingdom is in consciousness.
"The third stage, C in the chart, corresponds to animal consciousness, wo which two dimensions are objective.  Consciousness is feeling its way forward, living the more keenly as sensation increases.  Sensation awakens desire and aversion and these enhance experience so that consciousness tends continually to identify itself more thoroughly with its instrument of sensation.  The visual organ of the animal body presents consciousness with only a flat picture; and, as the average animal is unaided by any considerable mental development perception must necessarily be limited to heights and breadth - the conscious outlook being thus practically superficial."The Web of the Universe," E.L.Gardner


Mark Jaqua <> wrote:                                  Re: Difference between Man & Animal
      The way I understand it from Blavatsky Theosophy 
 is that the body is secondary, and primarily we 
 are Human monads or spiritual beings, so to 
 speak, that USE a body.  So human and animal 
 bodies might not be that different, but just 
 sufficiently (the subtlty of the brain matter, 
 partially?) so that the human-animal body can 
 be USED.  In the SD it says that at first the 
 human monads Refused to incarnate - "They are 
 not ready yet...." - refering to the bodies 
 they had to incarnate in.  So looking at the 
 bodies is looking at the wrong thing.  So 
 what really constitues the human is Something 
 From Above, so to speak, and not just the 
 body. There is a different being incarnating 
 in them.  One, I think, can maybe even see 
 this in the case of brain injuries or 
 deteriorating in which the Human soul Leaves 
 the body, as when it seems the real person 
 you knew is no longer there anymore - like 
 in alzheimers, etc.  The real human can no 
 longer USE the body, and a lower nature of 
 some type is left behind and running things.
     I think some dolphins and whales 
 actually have bigger brains and frontal 
 lobes than humans have.
               - jake j.
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