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Re: Theos-World NAZIS & AL QAEDA

Aug 17, 2006 02:52 PM
by leonmaurer

You are right, Carlos... 
But, the statement I made below was meant to refer only to my personal response... Since what the Neo-Nazi propagandist wrote was a vitriolic personal attack on me -- in addition to his rampant anti-Semitism and hatred for those Theosophists of similar views (as mine and opposing his) that he also viciously attacked... And which should be responded to vigorously, using reason and truth, by those of us who abhor such rampant hate mail...  Especially, in a forum that should be devoted to discussing the principles and practices of pure theosophy -- as originally given out by HPB and the Masters KH and M.  
While HPB truthfully pointed out the mistakes made by the high priests of organized religions of all stripes, she was not an anti-Semite. Nor, did she paint all Jews, Catholics, or sincere believers in any other religious group with the same all inclusive brush in the manner used by the present day neo Nazis and other bigots. 
The greatest errors they make in their hateful diatribes are the unfounded assumptions that Judaism (believers and practitioners of the Hebraic religious tradition) are a single racial group, and that they are politically of the same mind set, as well as culturally identical.  
It behooves us all to point out such Nazi inspired propaganda lies wherever and whenever they rear their ugly head publically.

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Sent: Wed, 16 Aug 2006 4:45 PM
Subject: Theos-World NAZIS & AL QAEDA

Dear Friends, 

Referring to the recent Nazi idiocy and propaganda in Theos-talk,  LM, below, 

"... But, what's the  point in wasting time answering these incoherent vitriolic 
ravings -- that exposes itself by accusing others of doing what the writer 
himself is doing and thinking?" 

There is a point in answering.  

There are Nazis at various levels and circles provoking confusion between 
Theosophy and their crazy ideology of devotion for death, for hatred and  for 

For instance, the Adyar TS magazine in England, "Insight",  recently discussed a 
book with such "stuff". 

If theosophists do not answer to Nazis infiltrating the movement and do not put 
a limit to this, these guys will circulate more and more within and among 
theosophical groups, a fact whose practical results ( occult and others more 
mundane )  can be easily identified as unacceptable. 

There is a frank and shameless sympathy for Al Qaeda and Jihadists emanating 
from these Gestapo adorers in some their postings. 

Tolerance and open-mindedness have to be tempered by common sense. 

No apology of crimes against humanity can, or should,  be accepted in 

Best regards,   Carlos.  


Data:Wed, 16 Aug 2006 02:01:09 EDT

Assunto:Re: Theos-World JEWISH NIGHTMARE GONE?

> I guess the Nazi nightmare hasn't yet gone.
> Talk about hate mail... This takes the cake. 
> Isn't it wonderful that the Internet is open and we can all see how the Nazi 
> mind works. Exposing them is not the same as "anti-Germanism." Interesting 
> that this newly coined expression unconsciously (?) conflates all Germans with 

> Nazis. What does nationality have to do with sick minds? But, what's the 
> point in wasting time answering these incoherent vitriolic ravings -- that 
> exposes itself by accusing others of doing what the writer himself is doing 
> thinking? 
> LM
> In a message dated 8/11/06 6:55:04 PM, writes:
> > > It's evident that the Neo Nazis are taking
> > > advantage of this
> > unfortunate but
> > > inevitable conflict to justify their vicious
> > > anti Semitism based
> > on blanket
> > > generalities and outright lies.
> > >
> > > LM
> > 

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