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Re: More Human-Animal Differences

Aug 17, 2006 10:30 AM
by Mark Jaqua

Re: More Human-Animal Differences
     I think I saw on an animal program that 
opossums have opposable thumbs, so maybe 
also we are not the only creature with 
opposable thumbs. (Of course they don't 
have much of a brain.)
   I saw somewhere that we share about 
99.+% of DNA with chimps.  So maybe it is 
something to do with the subtlety of our 
brain tissue and nerves - number of 
connections, maybe chemical makeup on a 
molecular level, etc.  If it is something 
on a very subtle level that makes us human, 
or suitable vehicles, and very subtle 
distinctions that determine how well 
one's brain works, - it also follows 
that all this is subject to very subtle 
forms of damage - the type that never 
gets measured in hospitals or given a 
damn about - drugs, x-rays, cat scans, 
isotopes, flouroscopes, chemotherapy.  
I know from personal experience to my 
own satisfaction that too many x-rays, 
cat scans, Definitely fry a 
person's brain.  I've got no doubt about 
it personally. (Also after sitting in 
front of a big CRT monitor for 1000's 
of hours - and then switching to a 
flat-panel LED one, I say that makes a 
difference for the better also.) (Most 
all this medical stuff is done by technicians, 
half of who are nuts, and no cumulative 
record is kept, and they love to fry unpopular 
philosophers.)  So watch out all you fellow 
old farts, for that smiling doctor dealing 
in death.  
               - jake j.

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