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Aug 16, 2006 06:21 PM
by samblo

   Thanks for your comments. We all have views. Leon Trotsky's fellow 
Revolutionaries had views different from Trotsky and they assassinated him in Mexico 
City, a shining example of Democratic Universal Brotherhoods.

   I view the three objects as Ideals that we all can aspire to and create 
actively as is practical, rational and sane in an imperfect world. Ghandi, a 
pacifist, validated the use of Indian Soldiers to fight, defend, and kill the 
enemy in WW2, at that time. There are qualifiers even to Ghandi. Blind 
Universalism is not philosophically rational or sane to me in my personal view as a 
Being, of course some in the world would apparently desire otherwise. When I was 
young I was in Germany in the Army I read Kant, Hegal, Schopenhaur and others 
at our USO Library. I also was in a front row seat for the Budapest Revolt in 
Hungary when the Communist Russians slaughtered 40,000 men, women and children 
there in 1956, that was another shining example of Democracy, Universal 
Brotherhood, and Nonviolence and Humanist practice.

   I live my life as a nonviolent person but reserve the right to life, 
liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and the right to defend if required. I 
personally do not appreciate pacifists even though they have and are allowed 
suffrage, it is only my personal view. While all men are created equal all men do not 
have identical character or nature as individuals, in a world without borders 
simply as they are found as is.

   Well, I have read on the formal China Home page some of the "White Papers" 
they placed there and we are anything but a friend to them internally as 
stated in the White papers. It may appear we have certain interfaces but the fact 
remains China is Totalitarian Authoritative Communist, first, last and always. 
China has a game plan and program to achieve it's Strategic goals which 
entails the seven seas. They cooperate to the degree they benefit, not a centimeter 
more. UI don't trust the Chinese farther than I can spit! Lol.
   I agree about "Labels" they are invented, reinvented and used and abused 
by just about any one, especially those having covert motives, overts of 
omission, overts of commission, and a need to use a "Via" in place of truth.  Thats 
one reason I don't like them.

   The actions and the end and the means used, are a much more indicative 
provider than all the intellectual philosophizing words that heap up as 



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