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Re: [Mind and Brain] Article: University Of Leicester Leads International Study With Potential That Is 'Stuff Of Science Fiction'

Aug 16, 2006 05:53 PM
by leonmaurer

Richard, you wrote:

"Are you saying that the vacuum is a BE-condensate? It certainly sounds like 
it from your post below."

The ABC fields (also called sub quantum fields) that underlies all the 
tangible or metric quantum energy fields composing (in different vibrational energy 
configuration) each quantum particle, must be -- by the nature of their 
source, i.e., the spinergy or angular (circular) momentum of the absolute, non 
dimensional zero-point singularity -- completely homogeneous prior to the breaking 
of their symmetry as they empower (or in a sense, precipitate) these separate 

Accordingly, this homogeneity of the sub quantum ABC fields is comparable to 
the similar homogeneity of the BE condensate.   

Thus, I can assume that these fields are, as I said, " … of the *nature* of 
the BE-condensate" -- i.e., similar to the bosonic quantum state of perfect 
homogeneity (as if they were a single inseparable superatom).   I did not say 
that these ABC fields are actually a BE condensate in themselves... Although, in 
my view, they may have very similar characteristics -- since all the 
fractalized ABC sub-quantum fields are similarly unified (as was the singularity) 
through their containment coenergetically within one mother field.   The 
perturbations of the quantum vacuum are the asymmetric energies of these fields, 
possibly forming strings of vibrating energy that come in and out of existence as 
different bosons depending on their frequency-energy level.

Unfortunately, this concept of the origin and causation of everything in the 
universe, analogously and correspondingly, out of one absolutely unified thing 
having the potential of both subjective consciousness and objective matter -- 
separated solely between the absolute zero-point and its spinergy -- wherever 
it is located throughout the universe (which is everywhere) -- is something 
that the empiricism of scientific materialism (and any scientists caught up in 
the maelstrom of its mathematical complexities or its many times flawed 
inferences based on external observations alone) may never get a handle on. 

So, I'm content to wait and see when and how, and what accepted paradigm 
changes will eventually allow science to catch up with ABC, present an equally 
consistent chain of links between zero-point space and infinite particularized 
energy forms, and answer the fundamental questions of consciousness, space, and 
matter as simply and concisely as ABC -- so that everyone could understand it, 
and test it's validity directly against their subjective as well as objective 
experiences -- without need of mathematics or any other indirect symbology.


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> Are you saying that the vacuum is a BE-condensate? It certainly sounds like 
> it from your post below.
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> International Study With Potential That Is 'Stuff Of Science Fiction'
> Dirk and I more or less see eye to eye with respect to the zero-point energy 
> fields... Although his unique interpretation of the physics differs from and 
> goes much deeper and closer to explaining consciousness than the con
> ventional QFT or Superstring/M-theory views and their simplistic analogies.  In fact, 
> my ABC concept of the initial coenergetic fields subsequent to the big bang 
> and during inflation prior to the breaking of symmetry at the fourth 
> iteration, sees the initial 3 fractally involved coenergetic fields of consciousness 
> that emanate from the spinergy of the absolute zero-point of universal origin 
> -- which continues to inhabit the zero-point vacuum that is everywhere -- 
> being of the nature of the BE-condensate.  But that isn't the locale or source 
> of conscious qualia or awareness and will (which are the qualities and 
> functions of the zero-point itself) but are, as you say, simply the "medium of 
> consciousness" (i.e., the mind and memory fields that carry as interference 
> patterns on their surfaces, the holographic sensory images that are the contents 
> of consciousness). This, of course, corresponds closely with Dirk's analogy 
> that the "observable universe is like a mass of ice on top of the water waves 
> of an ocean."  (My physics mentor and collaborator, the late Dr. PSP, 
> described it analogously as "simply a spherical blanket of near infinite diameter 
> knitted with two parallel tensile threads of opposite polarity and zero 
> diameter, having on its apparently 'flat' surface countless wrinkles of all sizes, 
> shapes, and degrees of complexity and permanency." :-)
> Leon
> In a message dated 8/3/06 10:28:00 AM, writes:
> Interesting that you refer to the BE-condensate as a zero-field phenomenon. 
> The BEC is what I claim to be the medium of consciousness in the brain. This 
> is the first correlation with Len's zero-point field that I am aware of. 
> Perhaps Len could comment
> Richard

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