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Aug 16, 2006 12:47 PM
by carlosaveline

John, Friends, 

It is good that people have different views. 

Perhaps you did not study the Historical Materialist philosophers, and probably have no clear vision about the life and work of Leon Trotsky. 

This is not a problem.  

Independently from their intellectual backgrounds, theosophists have some central principles in common, as respect for democracy, for non-violence as a method, for universal brotherhood --  and for every nation, naturally including  Arabs, Persians and Jews, and Africans.   

Within those limits, differences in viewpoints are welcome, I guess. 

What I would meditate upon, though, is on the difference between people's professed and declared religious, philosophical  or political IDEOLOGY --  and their actual pratice, their  practical knowlege of life and living. 

You may meet a Roman catholic, with very limited intellectual resources, who lives universal brotherhood and is a Theosophist at heart. 

And you may find more than one Theosophist, full of HPB and sanskrit in his head, but who is blindly led by his own vanity and "desire to be somebody".  

In spite of their different "political ideas", you may meet a member of the Republican Party in the USA who is an open-minded humanist;   and a member of the Communist Party in Beijing, China,  who is also a humanist. 

By the way, the two countries, China and the USA, are strategical partners right now. 

So, although the value of ideas and concepts is important, it is relative, and not absolute. 

The label often disguises and does not reveal the content. How many crimes did the Vatican in the name of meek Jesus? 

Better not to get too attached to labels and words, then.  Better to look beneath then,  into human hearts.  This is the "secret doctrine", the "heart doctrine", the "voice of the silence" of which HPB wrote. 

The dead letter versus the living spirit -- this  has been a challenge since ancient times to our Viveka or Discernment. 

Best regards,  Carlos.


Data:Tue, 15 Aug 2006 17:29:38 EDT


> Carlos,
> Thanks for you comments and reply. We do have a different view here.
> >>Marxist revolutions were meant to LIBERATE people<<
> The above is a universal claim they all made which was only a euphemism for 
> the word "Overthrow."
> >>they often turned their countries into prison-states.<<
> My view is they always immediately resorted to the unconscionable murder by 
> decree of all that were already named on preprepared lists drawn up ahead of 
> time in anticipation of their fiat fait accompli. And also that the "Prison 
> State" was always a cardinal feature of the Communists beginning in 1917.
> >>As we saw during the Berlin Wall years.<<
> The Prison State were instituted immediate of the Revolution in Russia. As 
> consequence of WW2 and the Meetings of Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin, 
> concessions made to Stalin during the Tehran and Yalta meetings created a post war 
> demarcation and a new Europe. East Europe became the Warsaw Pact Nations ruled 
> under the boot of Communism. A truly tragic blunder which caused many millions 
> to be condemned to death by their "new" Tyrants. So the "Berlin Wall Years" 
> were only a stage two phase as a continuation of the degenerate practice of 
> Marxist Communism that was initiated immediate to the Fiat of 1917 in Russia.
> I have always been profoundly disappointed in Socialists, Marxists and 
> Communists who when told directly in plain language the terrible horror of the 
> uncaring murder of more than 120 million living innocent noncombatant peace time 
> men, women and children under the direct control of Marxist Socialist 
> Communists they don't even blink an eye, or register any indication that it matters 
> at all to them. It simply is appalling and incomprehensible. 
> John
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