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Re: Theos-World, War Without and War Within

Aug 15, 2006 03:19 PM
by Gary Barnhart

Allow me to add a footnote to my own message:  If you and I were to be capable to view our own prior incarnations what perversions would we be able to bear and how might that affect our perceptions and/or judgments of others in the present?

Gary B.

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  Subject: Theos-World,  War Without and War Within

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  Being new to this discussion site, I was requested to introduce myself.
  I am an older man living in Texas,USA, and have been a student of 
  theosophy for some time now. After observing this site for a few 
  weeks I had to seriously ask myself about whether or not to 
  participate or simply delete this site from my incoming email. I was 
  not seeing much discussion of theosophy (my opinion obviously) and a 
  lot of views about war and blame and group adversity ( societies, 

  I now find myself having something to contribute and I somtimes find 
  that prior theosophists are more eloquent than myself so please allow 
  me to let a few speak better than myself. On the subject of War:

  "War is the result of the warring spirit, of the selfishness of 
  mankind. It is the result of the failure to understand the purpose of 
  life." Robert Crosbie, A Book Of Quotations

  In my simple mind and heart and experience, I have yet to see where 
  two wrongs have produced a right. I have also yet to see how looking 
  backwards and all around for someone or group to cast blame upon has 
  shed light upon the road ahead.

  There is a verse within the Dhammapada which I hold dear which says:

  "Let the aspirant observe not the perversities of others, nor what 
  others have and have not done; rather should he consider what he has 
  done and what he has yet to do." From Mr Sid (Gautama Sakya Muni, 
  otherwise known as Lord Buddha)

  A couple more quotes before closing:

  "We must remember,all the time, that there are intelligent evil forces 
  at work continually to defeat the emancipation of humanity from 
  selfishness--beings in fact, whose very existance depends upon selfish 
  desire and its many ways of expression. The plane of existance of 
  these beings is the earth and its psychic atmosphere. Our work is to 
  people our current space with such thoughts as tend to dissipate these 
  influences, and to assist right thoughts in others by awakening them 
  to the realities which have been placed within reach of our 
  understanding." (again, Robert Crosbie, same book as above)

  "We are not called upon for judgement, but for right action; to act 
  right ourselves, and by precept and example induce it into others."
  ( again, Robert C.)

  From myself: Brotherhood, Compassion, Altruism, Divine Wisdom, are 
  alike (synonmous) terms when viewed broadly and from the heart of the 
  cosmos of which we are a copy. We are the lifeblood of the ALL, and 
  what we profane of the ALL we profane upon ourselves.
  Peace begins within and from ourselves and to caste blame and guilt 
  upon others is spitting into the wind of a hurricane.

  Blessings,and Namaste,
  A fellow student,
  Gary B


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