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Aug 15, 2006 08:46 AM
by carlosaveline

Dear John,

Marxist revolutions were meant to LIBERATE  people, but then, after consolidating their power-mechanisms, they often turned their countries into prison-states. 

As we saw during the Berlin Wall years.

Best regards, Carlos.


Data:Mon, 14 Aug 2006 17:46:08 EDT


> Mauri,
> Hi, nice to see a post occasionally from you. Yes, after sending I did 
> remember I forgot to mention Cuba and Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and 
> Paraguay and the Communist looser in the recent Mexican election. Yes, I am aware 
> for decades that Castro has used the Medical assistance as a wedge to make 
> head way in other countries as he still does today. The Tiger hasn't changed it's 
> stripes even when impressing others using "via's" such as Medical Teams or 
> Agricultural cooperative projects. Cuba is a Police State under a totalitarian 
> Communist Dictatorship which has also a long list of persons that were executed 
> or "disappeared." As a result of the Missiles of October Treaty Castro is 
> capable of perpetuating the ignominious foul regime to the loss of the Cuban 
> population. As a result of the fall of the Soviet Union so distinguished with 
> Kolyma to impress all the world of their well meaning character, apparently one 
> thing that was quietly thrown aside was the Monroe Doctrine. Today the Marxist 
> Ghouls have come to possess more than they ever achieved in the 20th Century 
> through confrontational politics, almost all of So. America is now under some 
> form of Marxist leadership fervently assisted by Cuba and China which moved into 
> Cuba immediate upon the Russian withdrawal. As I say, my opinion is: The Cold 
> War Never Ended! This is true because they never altered the goal or position 
> of action established under Soviet Commintern. The aspirations remain the 
> same except now the resistance has been removed and goals are achieved by 
> dialectical compromising promises to populations who in desperation have learned 
> nothing from the experience of the last century and who are lulled to eagerly 
> "reach" promising themselves "It will all be all right." 
> The Iron Prison like cancer has grown new walls greater than before, how 
> very sad.
> It is Self Determination that is the very life blood of true Beingness 
> without it there is only suppressive onerous inescapable suffering and torment, 
> choose as you will and recuse as you choose.
> John
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