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Aug 15, 2006 08:07 AM
by carlosaveline

Dear Jake and Friends, 

I agree with most of what Jake wrote (see below).

I would like to add some reflections on the karma.

When we  look at the present suffering of African peoples, people may ask about the past karma of African nations, which allows them to have to face such a dire situation. Or -- we may ask about OUR OWN karma, as West, if we have been giving automatic weapons for ancient tribes, instead of helping our African brothers to evolve in peace.

When we look at the dangerous nuclear controversy between India & Pakistan, we may ask what was the karma of those two parts of ancient India, a karma which allows this to happen.  Or -- we may ask what is our karma, as Western Nations, to have passed them the technology for nuclear destruction, instead of a better sense of planetary Ethics. 

When we look at poor people dying worldwide because of starvation or lack of medical assistance, we can ask what is the past Karma of these people, so that they have to face it now.  Or -- we can ask what is OUR OWN  karma for doing nothing to asssist or change our governments'  policies about social justice wordwide. (Even thoughts are influential.) 

When we look at the suffering the Jewish people has undergone for the last fifteen centuries, we can "karmically" blame them themselves for what they have been suffering -- or ... we casn ask ourselves what is our own responsibility for the world peace now, starting from our thoghths and feelings. 

Karma law should never be used to "explain" other people's unfair suffering in the sense of justifying it or giving legitimacy to our omission, muich less a  silent support to injustice.  

There is another factor.  We do NOT  know if present injustices are the karmic compensation for wrongs and errors done by African nations, poor people worldwide,  or Jews in the PAST --  or if it is a NEW INJUSTICE,  which will have to be  COMPENSATED SOMETIME IN THE FUTURE!

Think about that.

As to the Arab and Islamic nations, a major problem, to me, is the "culture of death".  

The cult for death prepares bloody wars, just as the culture of respect for life prepares a lasting peace. 

That's why it is of the essence that the ancient Arab Wisdom or Theosophy  be as much stimulated as possible in these days.  

Best regards,  Carlos.


Data:Tue, 15 Aug 2006 07:31:02 -0700 (PDT)

Assunto:Theos-World Re: Koestler & the Jews

> Re: Koestler & the Jews
> I got my references mixed up. Dennis Kier 
> refered to Arthur Koestler and not Cass or "The Nazi."
> Victor Endersby in his "Theosophical Notes" 
> thought maybe the Jews could be called the 
> "chosen people" because of the Will-Power 
> the people had worked up in overcoming 
> adversity. I notice many jews are often 
> philosophers, scientists, et. al., but also 
> it seems as a race they are also generally 
> sex-nuts above the norm. Also I wonder 
> where the karma came from for the holocost 
> (and maybe every racial group has this 
> latent karma - and also maybe it was most 
> all New bad karma being created by the 
> Germans...) but also wonder if it could 
> be related to being the primary (?) financial 
> wizes and also big slave-traders in ancient 
> times??? (Hard to believe, for instance, 
> the Tibetan people had the karma to cause 
> THEIR holocost at the hands of the chinese, 
> or the American Red Indians.) 
> "Frank the Nazi" with his many quotes - 
> uses quotes out of context to support his 
> crazy views of everybody from HPB to Tiny Tim 
> being a latent Nazi - not honest scholarship. 
> Frank may be a PHILOSOPHER, but he is 
> NO THEOSOPHIST!. A Theosophist can condemn 
> behaviors of peoples, but not whole rac
> es! (His Mundy quote about the futility of 
> "internationalism", or any type of world 
> government, is correct I think. Developing 
> souls will always need different races and 
> cultures, I think, while there may never be 
> a "World Democracy," there may yet be a 
> "World OF Democracies.")
> Chuck the HairyTick says he wishes 
> he could get some "animal appendages" from 
> the new biology and medicine. (My bet is 
> he wishes he could get his ---- moved to 
> his hip under his pocket so he could keep 
> himself company in public.) 
> Carlos provided a lot of good 
> information of what was going on during 
> WWII for theosophical groups. I wouldn't 
> have bothered quoting the medium Alice 
> Bailey's position on it all however, as 
> what would it matter the opinion of someone 
> who is a black phoney on everything else? 
> All the darth vadars like war if that is 
> what side their bread is being buttered.
> I wonder what all the interest about 
> WWII is lately. Maybe people sense 
> subconsciously an approaching WWIII. 
> 'Hope not!
> - jake. j
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