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Aug 14, 2006 08:58 PM
by samblo

   Thanks for your comments and response. Well, it seems at least to me that 
the successful Tyrant lives in perpetual fear of retaliation from his subjects 
as they all have conscious awareness of each and every mortal overt against 
their captive subjects. Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Cauceasceu, all of them knew 
the evil they performed and that they have a price to pay that weighs heavy 
on them, never giving them a moment respite, and inculcating a plethora of 
disorders that harass them day and night. They know well the acts they performed 
and ordered that claimed the lives of so many, they can and must never be 
viewed as innocent of the fact no matter what compensative actions they invent that 
urges other to view them as compassionate loving Father Figures of a Tyrant 

    Mauri I don't know if Courtney Brown or Ed Dames or others would or even 
could have reception of the stream of consciousness of these less than Human 
figures. It would be a most interesting, revealing insight if they could do so. 
The Diary of Anne Frank comes to mind, a testimony that is probably the 
closest we can hope for but duplicates in others like Solzinetskin and many 
survivors of Tyrants in ancient history up to and including today. Philip K. Dick the 
Sci-Fi writer through Jay Kinney Pub. of Gnosis Magazine who was trustee of 
his literary estate had much in notes and manuscripts that Kinney and Sutin 
later published. The "Iron Prison" I mentioned is a topic Dick wrote into his 
projection, it is in the "Valis Trilogy" and "Selections from the Exegesis," it 
preomens the appearance of a new, holistic Authoritative Iron Prison in our 
world. What a strange access Phillip K. Dick had, I have tried for over 25 years 
to figure out how he wrote what he did that was woven deeply into events I was 
party too.

   Mauri I don't subscribe to other Forums because this forum has so much 
mails every morning it sometimes takes over two hours just to read the posts.

Best regards and wishes Mauri.


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