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Re: Theos-World Great info Frank. - "Nihilists" Re: Bestseller Author Excor...

Aug 14, 2006 07:20 PM
by Cass Silva

You are so right.  When will the madness, the hatred and the killing end.
Cass wrote:                                  Frank, in regard to yours, below. What you write is what assisted the  
 Germans to kill, without regret or regard, millions of innocents! To promote  such a 
 paradigm as the one you have written about is what makes wars go on and  
 on....and the worst part is, Hitler did not kill anyone but himself! He was  aided 
 in his killings by Germans, the pure Aryan race.
 But I must be fair. It was not just Germans, but Russians and Poles  and 
 Ukrainians, in fact, all of Eastern Europe, and Great Britain that  assisted in 
 their slaughter. And not just Jews, but Romas as well. My mother was  
 conscripted labor from the Ukraine, and was in Germany in 1939-1946. Her breath  and 
 energy were spent working to make German autos during the war. That was why  she 
 was taken (as a prize), for free labor. People by the thousands were made to  
 labor for the German cause...the killing of Jews and other innocents. We must  
 stop killing each other. We must stop thinking that any killing, for any 
 reason,  is justified.
 But killing and strife will never end, IMO, until, there are no more  
 borders, no more flags, no more governments, no more voting booths, and no more  
 religions. When the whole world is united, when neighbor helps neighbor, and  does 
 not rely on governments or priests for any reason. That would be  Utopian 
 Peace and Prosperity.
 )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Frank, you wrote, in part:
 Adam Weishaupt, Karl Marx and Joly were two authors who were ordered to  
 reveal something of the Rothschild plan for a Communistic (= turbo capitalistic)  
 World Republic.
 Marx, alias Mardochai, a Jew from rabbi families of both  sides, gives some 
 interesting insight in Jewish thinking in his 1844 essay "on  the Jewish 
 - the of the Jew is self-interest
 - their god is  the money
 - the Jew cannot live without haggling
 - the liberation of  mankind is the emancipation of mankind from Jewry
 - Mammon is the idol of the  Jew, they pray to him
 - the Earth is nothing than a stock excahnge in the  eyes of the Jew
 - their only destination is to get richer than his  neighbour
 - Jewry is the practical ruler in North America, even religion is  made a 
 business there
 - Politics is made their slave
 - Egotism is the  basic of the Jewish religion
 - Money is the jealous god of Israel, no other  god is allowed to exit
 (Marx' rationale for uninterrupted war against all  nations and peoples)
 - Deceit is their main art to clever fool the world, and  that talmudic 
 method is practical Jesuitism
 - the Jew is not able to create a  new world, he is of passive nature
 - as soon as society is able to stop the  very being of the Jew, the 
 haggling, the Jew will become impossible, because his  consciousness will have no 
 object anymore
 - society has to emacipate from  Jewry
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