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Difference between humans and animals?

Aug 14, 2006 06:03 PM
by scribe_rs

Hello, friends,

On another forum I got involved in the old "Darwinism vs. 
Creationism" debate by simply saying that I thought ID ("intelligent 
design") should be looked at seriously and scientifically because I 
thought it made sense, that everywhere there's design and order, 
etc. I didn't want to go into it deeper but of course I was attacked 
viciously by the Darwinist/'Science' acolytes and it became a Big 
Deal, you know how that goes.

I won't go into the usual litany they threw at me but I do want to 
share with you one point that was brought up that stuck in my mind 
and ask if anybody here can throw some more light on it.

The other side said that the only difference between animal and man 
is man's large frontal lobe.

Now my studies are predominately through the spiritual aspects and 
I'm not used to looking at the physical evolutionary side. I went to 
my library of HPB, Besant and Purucker for references to "brain" and 
came away with the impression that that statement might be pretty 
close, or at least as far as any physical difference is concerned, 
between man and animal. 

Also, in that investigation, I was reminded that animals have a 
group soul whereas man has an individual soul.

I'm asking if you know of more physical differences between animal 
and man besides the enlarged frontal lobe? (They were very adamant 
about that; apparently that is what is being taught in science class 

And, if it's true that animals have a group soul and when they die 
they morph back into that group soul? (Just sounds kind of sad, 
that's all.)


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