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Aug 14, 2006 02:46 PM
by samblo

   Hi, nice to see a post occasionally from you. Yes, after sending I did 
remember I forgot to mention Cuba and Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and 
Paraguay and the Communist looser in the recent Mexican election. Yes, I am  aware 
for decades that Castro has used the Medical assistance as a wedge to make 
head way in other countries as he still does today. The Tiger hasn't changed it's 
stripes even when impressing others using "via's" such as Medical Teams or 
Agricultural cooperative projects. Cuba is a Police State under a totalitarian 
Communist Dictatorship which has also a long list of persons that were executed 
or "disappeared." As a result of the Missiles of October Treaty Castro is 
capable of perpetuating the ignominious foul regime to the loss of the Cuban 
population. As a result of the fall of the Soviet Union so distinguished with 
Kolyma to impress all the world of their well meaning character, apparently one 
thing that was quietly thrown aside was the Monroe Doctrine. Today the Marxist 
Ghouls have come to possess more than they ever achieved in the 20th Century 
through confrontational politics, almost all of So. America is now under some 
form of Marxist leadership fervently assisted by Cuba and China which moved into 
Cuba immediate upon the Russian withdrawal. As I say, my opinion is: The Cold 
War Never Ended! This is true because they never altered the goal or position 
of action established under Soviet Commintern. The aspirations remain the 
same except now the resistance has been removed and goals are achieved by 
dialectical compromising promises to populations who in desperation have learned 
nothing from the experience of the last century and who are lulled to eagerly 
"reach" promising themselves "It will all be all right." 

   The Iron Prison like cancer has grown new walls greater than before, how 
very sad.

   It is Self Determination that is the very life blood of true Beingness 
without it there is only suppressive onerous inescapable suffering and torment, 
choose as you will and recuse as you choose.


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