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Re: What am I?

Aug 13, 2006 11:46 PM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 8/12/06 6:59:41 AM, 

> Can a theosophist ever really know?  Or does the ever expanding Truth 
> continually recede proportionately?  Don’t The Teachings often refer to “The 
> Unknowable”?)  There is intellectual speculation, and then there is Knowledge, 
> AKA “Direct Cognition” – that’s about the best we can do corporeally, wouldn’
> t you say?  
> Rad

Not too sure about that, Rad.   I didn't say all theosophists know -- but I 
think some enlightened ones have already satisfied themselves that they do -- 
since that is what the continued meditation on the question described in the 
online paper, as well as Patanjali's yoga aphorisms consider is the ultimate 

Therefore, the "I am" that we each are, isn't necessarily unknowable -- as 
the teachings refer only to the "absolute" source behind that individual self 
that is unknowable.   Since we are that "I am" self consciousness, there's no 
reason why we cannot know ourselves right up to answering the question of "what 
am I?"    Buddha -- when asked "Who are You? -- said, "I am a man that is 
awake" -- which seems to be a pretty good answer.   The writer of the web site 
says he finally realized that he is the one that that is asking the question, and 
ultimately, he is the experiencer.   Isn't the whole purpose of such 
meditation, "self realization?"

As or myself, I answered that question by direct experience in the deepest 
meditative trance state I could achieve (e.g., while thinking of nothing else 
but that "empty" point that, in itself, could be "nothing" but my higher self 
looking from the inside out at me, while I was looking inward at it).   

After going through all the obvious answers and discarding them -- I 
ultimately experienced, by direct attraction to ("affinity with") that center of 
consciousness, the realization that I couldn't be anything else but the zero-point 
of my own individual consciousness radiated from the Primal zero-point source 
of all conscious beings from the moment of the "big bang" -- much like the 
single photons radiated outward in all directions from the spherical point of 
light of a carbon arc... That is, in essence, the overall, equally empty Cosmic 
or God consciousness... Who said to Moses (in his own mind), "I am that I am."  
  What more proof does anyone need than such a subjective transcendental 
experience -- which some call an "epiphany," and others call, "enlightenment?"    

So, now I know what I am and who I am, and can never get rid of that direct 
experiential knowledge.   All the rest of what I am corporeally, is nothing 
more than ephemeral and temporary meat with a lot of built in instincts and 
learned physical feats like riding a bicycle, swimming, and other practical things, 
such as acquired book knowledge -- most of which is no longer needed... Plus 
a mind full of ideas, memories of this life, and much trivial nonsense. :-)

Therefore, If you follow the steps of meditation pointed out on the web site, or by Patanjali, you too will be eventually be 
attracted, experientially, to your own higher self, and also will know.    

Speaking of "attraction," you might get a kick out of this from a 
technological POV. Maybe someday, robots might find out what or who they are this way. 

Best wishes,


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