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Re: [jcs-online] Electrodynamic Field Theory

Aug 13, 2006 07:19 PM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 8/7/06 3:43:49 AM, writes:

> The immense complexity of biological systems and  the vast array of 
> different
> molecules employed in cellular life lead to the  question – how is it all
> organised? Protein molecules are the essential  molecular components of 
> life, but
> they interact with armies of non-protein  molecules, some of the main
> neurotransmitters and neuromodulators being good  examples. The interaction 
> of these
> molecules relies on electromagnetic  polarities associated with individual
> chemical bonds, in fact these forces  determine what interacts with which. 
> The
> sheer number of different molecules  makes it difficult to be sure what is
> happening and why. In the end it may well  be electrodynamic forces that are
> deterministic as the unifying principle behind  cellular life.
> Whenever an electrodynamic force is created  it has the potential to 
> modulate
> other electrodynamic forces, so that within the  measurable spiking activity
> of a neuron there are a myriad of other smaller  electrodynamic fields which
> can influence that activity. This has been  demonstrated in a recent paper 
> by
> Shu et  al. in Nature*. It would be  inappropriate to refer to this as ‘
> quantum
> mechanical’ activity, because quantum  theory applies to the subatomic 
> level.
> We are therefore driven towards a  classical electrodynamic picture.
> Each one of us consists of a huge number of  electrodynamic fields. At a
> fundamental level we depend on them to keep our  hearts beating and our 
> lungs
> absorbing oxygen at regular intervals of breathing.  These activities rely 
> on
> rather 'simple' rhythmic neural networks. When it comes  to our cognitive
> processes things become much more complicated, because a lot of  information 
> has to be
> encoded into the neuronal networks involved. I examine the  possibilities in
> a paper entitled ‘Memory, Imagination and Belief – An  investigation into 
> the
> neurobiological basis for belief and the rise and fall of  ideas’. I can 
> send
> a PDF file [38 pages] to anybody who is  interested.
> Francis Crick was once reputed to say ‘You  are nothing but a bunch of 
> neurons
> ’. Wrong! You are nothing but a bunch of  electrodynamic fields.
> Regards,
> David Friend
> *  Intraneuronal modulation of signals
> Nature/Vol  441/8 June 2006 
> Shu,  Y. et al.  ‘Modulation on intracortical synaptic potentials by
> presynaptic somatic membrane  potential’, pp. 761-765
> The paper provides evidence that there are subtle changes in membrane 
> potentials caused by synaptic voltage fluctuations that can modulate 
> neuronal 
> signals.

I agree.   But I think all those neural network electromagnetic fields are 
coenergetically interconnected electrodynamically with the fractalized 
hyperspace fields that must exist between them and the nonlocal zero-points of 
consciousness (awareness, will, qualia, etc.).   That's the only way I can see to 
close the efferent-afferent loop between objective matter and its primal source as 
the abstract motion or angular momentum associated with the zero-point 
singularity of the primal or cosmic beginning, and subjective consciousness -- as 
well as between nonlocal points of individualized consciousness and their 
locally surrounding material organisms (e.g., cell, microorganism, neural net, 
brain, vital organ, muscle, body, etc.)

I also believe that the "lots of information encoded" must be carried on each 
individual sensory channel in the form of holographic wave interference 
patterns modulated on the surfaces of the variably oscillating electromagnetic 
(neural) and astromagnetic (hyperspace) fields of ascending frequency-energy phase 
orders -- whether originating from the hyperspace side 
(instinct-dream-afferent-willful) or the physical side (wakeful-efferent-experiential)...   With the 
information carried on these chains of coadunate but not consubstantial 
fields linked together and transmitted through simple analog induction resonance 
processes.   Thus the entire objective universe outside of subjective 
consciousness is of a substantial as well as an electrical nature -- whether material or 

I also can envision the lines of positive and negative force, that weave each 
of these spherically interconnected fractal fields that start from and end at 
zero-points, spiraling around each other in opposite directions as a reverse 
helix carrying such information encoded between them in a manner analogous to 
the DNA molecular structure and coding.   Incidentally, verifying the ancient 
Hermetic statements, "As above, so below" and, "The microcosm is the mirror of 
the macrocosm"

Please send me your paper -- which appears to link up the entire chain of 
fields of consciousness and   the necessary neural correlates between qualia 
(awareness) or willful outputs of consciousness, and the afferent inputs on each 
sensory channel, as well as explain the mechanism of the efferent kinesthetic 
responses to those sensory inputs as considered in my ABC model of cyclic 
cosmogenesis beginning and ending periodically at a singularity, that is entirely 
in accord with Einstein's theory of general relativity, and partially with the 
"standard model" of quantum physics.

Thank you,

Leon Maurer 

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