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Re: Theos-World A STRANGE LOVE

Aug 13, 2006 12:14 PM
by samblo

   Thanks for your comments. I just want make a couple of brief comments. In 
my earlier post on Lebanon/Hezbollah I made a dyslexic error, I stated 32 
instead of 32 seats (the correct value) for the Hezbollah in Lebanon. 
   Also in reading your posts in the last several days the content stimulated 
reference to Scientology Technology by way of your referencing the "Beauty of 
Death" and other operative personality stable datum's. I might advise the for 
over 50 years now In Scientology certain auditing "Lists" are utilized that 
make use of this. An Auditor in session may ask "find an incident containing 
pain that is beautiful." The individual may not have any conscious imagery 
appear on the screen of his mind but it will always without fail be seen on the 
E-Meter by the Auditor who will indicate by asking "What was that?" or tell the 
person to go back and repeat the internal process which draws out the 
unconscious content.
   The "Lists" I mention as far as what was then permitted publicly was and 
is available in a Book "Scientology 8-8808" which you may enjoy reading if you 
can locate a copy, it is a very useful content. One area that is significantly 
radical to normative practice is the following distinct to Scientology. As I 
said the Auditor sees the unconscious response via the technological device in 
addition to awareness of the physical nuances of the person audited. The 
radical departure is that content containing the engrammatic incidents are not 
limited to the present incarnation but in an orderly process events of the past 
incarnations the append to the present individual are brought to review and 
release, a process that has internal "Governors" that mediate the rate, 
amplitude, energy, and conscious recall and imagery in a manner that can be managed. It 
is important because Karma has to have "means" to be present in the "energy" 
creation but for many millennia no independent augmentation has been available 
until the 20th century. The revelation of past events in Scientology is 
called "Whole Track Recall" this is descriptive of time in linear creation 
experiential accumulations of individuals. All Cretans are liars and a truth device is 
the only thing that can pierce the veil of the conditioned mind.


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