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Aug 13, 2006 08:53 AM
by carlosaveline


Israel pacifists like the great author Amos Oz and other activists of the "Peace Now" movement  have strong criticisms to make with regard to some  conservative politicians and policies in their country, including religious fundamentalism. 
But then come the "clever" Nazi Death Devotees and try to use such arguments for their thesis against the ex istence of Jewish people. 

The matter of the fact is that Fascists cannnot see nor understand open and contradictory, id est, LIVING processes. 

They can only label  nations as 'enemies'-- and  present them as automatic blanks to be hated and, when possible, to be killed in "brilliant" explosions, sometimes involving aircrafts, other times missiles.  

The Israelian  society is most contradictory. This is where its strength and health dwell.  As a Nation, they have inner unity and outer diversity. 

As to the Arab and Islamic Wisdom, I guess its awakening, or reawakening, is an essential part of the solution for present day challenges.  Israel is not doing enough, I guess, to help and induce this cultural rebirth. (Adversaries influence each other and can do so in a positive way.)   

I also hope that the next President of the USA will have more of political intelligence. 

But there is a longer term picture to look at. 

HPB was an "official"  forerunner and "preparer" of the 6th sub-race of fifth race,  and I guess it was far from being a coincidence that HPB studied both Sufism and Kaballah and made contacts with Mystics in both quarters. 

Not a coincidence, also, that she visited the Druzes in Lebanon.  Or that she wrote and let information come to students on the Luxor Lodge of Adepts ("Luxor Observatory"),  which might be located in Egypt.  Such a lodge -- please look at the "Mahatma Letters" -- has  close connections with the Himalayan branch of the Brotherhood. 

Right there at this crucial region, there still is a group of Masters of the Wisdom with regular disciples silently helping so that Pain opens more ground for Insight. 

Every bit of suffering will have its due compensation, as a Himalayan Master wrote in the famous Letter 10. (1) 

We may be getting near to a small 'Omega Point' in our long transition for a buddhi-manasic society.  
So be it. 
Best regards,   Carlos Cardoso Aveline  

(1) In 'Mahatma Letters", non-chronological editions.  Which is Letter 88 in the TPH Philippines, Chronological Edition. 

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