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Aug 13, 2006 07:22 AM
by carlosaveline

Dear Friends, 
British historian Paul Johnson writes about  the "mystical cult" created by  Adolf  Hitler and his military  clowns: 
“(...) Nazism, unlike Communism, was not materialist ; it was a blasphemous parody of Christianity, with racialism substituted for God, and German ‘blood’ for Christ.  There were special Nazi feasts, especially 9 November,   commemorating the ‘putsch’  of 1923, the Nazi passion and crucifixion feast, of which Hitler said:  ‘The blood which they poured out is become the altar of baptism of our  reich.’  The actual ceremony was conducted like a passion-play. And there were Nazi sacraments. (...)
 The Nazis even had  their own grace before meals for their orphanages, and Nazi versions of famous hymns. Thus: 
‘Silent night, holy night, 
All is calm, all is bright, 
Only the Chancellor steadfast in  fight,
Watches o’ver Germany by day and night,
Always caring for us.’ ”
So far,  P. Johnson.  

Nazism was indeed a sort of tragic comedy.  The histrionic aspect of A. Hitler and his suspicious parade "macho boys" would make them only laughable clowns,  if those mass-killers  had not destroyed half-Europe.  

Paul Johnson proceeds describing their Hatred Mysticism:
“The existence of this [Nazi] cult was, of course, well known. Tha Catholic hierarchy tired to excuse their failure to remonstrate by fostering the belief that these pagan ceremonies were unknown to Hitler, and ‘the work of  enthusiasts’. They raised no objection to Nazi youth camps, attended by hundreds of thousands of young Catholics, though Hitler made no secret of his aims: ‘I want a powerful, masterly,  cruel and fearless youth. . . The freedom and  majesty of the wild beast must shine from their eyes . . . .” (1) 
Adolf Hitler needed that brain washing and promotion of animal instincts in order to bring about and sustain a long-term war in many fronts. Sixty years after the end of World War II,  there still is a Nazi Sect,  as we can see by some postings in Theos-talk. 
It is natural that, due to their cult of death and blood-shed,  Hitler’s present-day adorers get rather excited at the news about  Al Qaeda activities, new suicide bombs, or War in the Middle East.   Yet  their future is not quite brilliant. Far from it.  They will most likely receive again what they sow.   
Best regards,   Carlos. 
(1) “A History of Christianity”, Paul Johnson,  Penguin Books, London, copyright 1976, 556 pp., see pp.  486-487.  

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