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The Nazi Cult of Blood Shed

Aug 13, 2006 07:04 AM
by carlosaveline

Do  Nazism and Neonazism promote a pseudo-esoteric cult, hidden under their  public apology of hatred?  Yes. Most likely they still do that.  
Under Hitler, they had a parody of Christianism,  with elements of esotericism adapted for their blind purposes and  "clever" experiences in collective hypnotism.    
They also had a 'Creed' of their own, in which they cultuated bloodshed.   
British  historian Paul Johnson  reproduces the Nazi  creed, used for instance at harvest festivals: 
“I believe in the land of the Germans, in a life of service to this land; I believe in the revelation of the divine creative power and the pure blood shed in war and peace by the sons of the German national community, buried in the soil thereby sanctified, risen, and living in all for whom it is immolated. I believe in an  eternal life on earth of this blood that was poured our and rose again in all who have  recognized the meaning of the sacrifice and are ready to  to submit to them . . . . Thus I believe in an eternal God,  and an eternal Life.” (1)   
That kind of  pseudoreligious vow of obedience to the promotion of bloodsheds and nationalist aggressions was necessary to send German soldiers to self-destruction.  So Germany had to be destroyed before being born again as a democracy. 
The young suicide bombers who are now led by their elders to blindly kill in the act of being  killed also are made to believe equivalent “religious” fancies, so that they can carry out these actions of unnatural violence.   
These and other collective hypnotic devices were used systematically  by Adolf Hitler and  his “disciples”. 
The ideology of Al Qaeda and other “Jihad movements” has more than one element in common with Nazism.   Besides hating  Jews, Liberty of Thought and  Modern Democracy, and loving “one infallible man” leaderships, they also have a certain “mystical” cult for death. 
They may meet what  they are cultuating.
I only hope they do not disturb the democratic world too much, as it undergoes its crisis leading to the birth of a new planetary consciousness of brotherhood and mutual respect among all forms of life. 
That will be in fact a primitive or partial form of Buddhi-Manasic civilization, having  in itself an important nucleus of forerunners for the six-subrace (fifth race) -- that is, the ones who understand and harmonize in themselves and in the society around them the occult paradoxes of unity in diversity and  liberty with responsibility. 

Regards,   Carlos Cardoso Aveline 
(1) “A History of Christianity”, Paul Johnson,  Penguin Books, London, copyright 1976, 556 pp., see p.  486. 

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