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Aug 12, 2006 09:37 PM
by samblo

    Thanks for your comments. The fact remains Hezbollah has two Cabinet 
Seats in the Government of Lebanon representative of the 32 seats they won in the 
election. The People in Lebanon voted foe a Foreign Agency of Iran which is 
also a certified Terrorist Organization. It has committed many murderous attacks 
costing a great deal of lives and human suffering since Iran created it many 
years ago when Khomeni came to power there. They deserve what they elect and 
gave consent too in all it's just rewards. THEY DID IT TO THEMSELVES. The 
Palestinians did the same thing in electing a certified Terrorist Organization 
Hamas to be their Elected Government. Fatah (A Socialist Party) also committed 
crimes against Humanity, Arafat invented Hijacking Airliners and there is in my 
opinion a direct link to Socialist/ Marxists who have no regard for life. The 
latest Biographers of Stalin now place his direct murders at 70 million souls. 
Mao Tse Sung is given credit for 40 million souls. Pol Pot is credited with 2 
million souls. Caucesceu of Romania is credited with another two million 
souls. The Vietnamese with more millions. The Archon of east Germany with more 
millions. Saddam under the Baath Socialist Party dripped in the blood of the 
Iraqis. Syria is also Baath Socialist. No. Korea has buried a few million murdered 
also.The "Hint" is the Cold War never ended! People are always gullible to 
nice sounding dialectic unfortunately.

   BTW, have you looked carefully at the 1963 Treaty of Versailles which 
unites Germany and France as if they were a single Nation . It requires they must 
always be 100% unanimous on issues of Foreign Policy. Color Germany and France 
together on the map of Europe in a single color and then remember the same 
map under Hitler. France has both a Permanent member Veto in the U.N. and 
Thermonuclear ICBMs which they Targeted on American city's during the Cold War. IN 
the French Parliament it was the Communist Party that had senior right to speak 
first after the President Addressed the Joint Parliament.

   Hezbollah in private Cabinet meeting informed the Lebanon Government it 
will not disarm under any condition whatever, is what I see reported. Nusrullah 
seems to have manifoldly expanded his support toward becoming the head of 
Government as his purpose line there. China's internal policy is to proliferate 
Nuclear Weapons and the means of delivery to Islamic states, they provided a 
complete finished product set of Blueprints for their older Nuclear Weapon to 
Khan in Pakistan. Khan in turn proliferates the technology to others as far as he 
could before the West found out. Not withstanding that he was acknowledged as 
the Hero of Pakistan and rewarded.
   Saudi Arabia has a strong program to develop IRBM's it is costly and what 
do you think they plan to be the payload? The operative dictum seems to be 
"Give us all that we demand or we will kill you some more."

    The situation in Iraq has made a steady progress achieving the goals that 
were stated to all in serial order one step at a time bathed in the blood of 
sacrifice extorted by the degenerate socialist of the Baath Party and the 
ruling Families that benefited under the Saddam catastrophe. Freedom was never won 
by faint hearted people any where that I know of. A survey of the worlds 
countries turns up the primary villains still killing innocents in places Like 
Nepal, Kashmir, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Kurdistan, Columbia, Nigeria, 
Lebanon, Gaza, Portugal, and other location, all done by Marxist Socialist 
Communists who all profess they are only killing innocent people so they can created 
their idea of Totalitarian dictatorship!

   It needs that the so-called "Arab Wisdom" has to be separated from the 
general scene observed in almost all of the 22 Arab Nations and by degree's in 
the larger 66 Islamic Nations as a whole. To be frank what I observe are bottom 
of the barrel racists. Bigots, despots, and a culture which still in the 21st 
century holds that women a chattel property subject to unannounced murder on 
the whim of the male members. They cannot possibly qualify to be given the 
character of civilized under any circumstance.

   As to the United Nations, it is and has been a bane on mankind as far as I 
can see. There have been no permanent solutions created by it that result in 
any "Ideal Scene." Korea is a manifold observable failure. And the world is 
filled with the failures of the United Nations and the corrupt population that 
pat each others back so fervently there. Unifil has been in Lebanon for 28 
years with zero "Enforcement" mandate by the UN It seems to be that perpetuating 
the issues creates a justification that expands the Beurocracy, Programs, 
Domain and Funding requirements of the UN since it was founded in 1948 in San 
Francisco USA. Where are any "successes" of the UN in 58 years?

Recently I am repulsed by the mindless dribble about the "real truth" to the 
point of disbelief that some would actually seek out such distortions and then 
hold them to their heart so dearly. It is beyond comprehension or belief.

My 2 cents,

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