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Aug 12, 2006 02:11 PM


Interesting from a historical basis, is a book titled, JEWISH TRAVELLERS IN THE MIDDLE AGES, by Elkan Nathan Adler, Dover pub, ISBN 0-486-25397-X

This has interesting accounts of European merchants travelling in a time when they had their own history.
Dover reprints old out of copywrite books, and this book was first published in 1930.
Dover Publications, 31 East 2nd St, Mineola, N.Y. 11501-3582

AND then there is a book by the renouned Jewish historian, Arthur Koestler, entitled THE THIRTEENTH TRIBE. I got a copy through Amazon. I believe there are two threads of blood lines in modern Jewish society, indicating two different geographic origins. Mr. Koestler presents the history of the great majority of the Jewish people in the world today, those whose ancestors did not at any time live in the Middle East.

THE THIRTEENTH TRIBE, by Arthur Koestler, (The Khazar Empire and its Heritage) pub Picador books, Great Britian 1976.

Ten to 20 years ago, after I commented about this book on the Newsgroups, some enterprising fellow "discovered" that these people did indeed have ancestors from the Middle East. Mr. Koestler disagreed.

The back of the book has this text, "This is an absorbing account of the ancient Khazar Empire... and the close and unexpected bearing it has on our world today.

"In the Middle Ages, the Khazar's sway extended from the Black Sea to the Caspian, from the Caucasus to the Volga. But they found themselves in a precarious position between two major world powers: the Eastern Roman Empire and the triumphant followers of Mohammed. The Khazars were the Third Force of their day, and they chose a surprising method of resisting pressure from both Christianity and Islam: they converted to Judaism.

"In the second part of the book, Koestler speculates about the ultimate faith of the Khazars and their impact on the racial composition and social heritage of modern Jewry. He produces detailed research to support a theory which could make the term 'anti-Semitism' become void of meaning"

There are web sites who address these people, and I believe that the State of Israel has made one or more videos presenting their views.

If Mr. Koestler is correct, then there is a rational explanation for the types of dances, music, and clothes favored by the people living in the Jewish State.


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Hi Leon/Logos Student et all.

If anything positive can come out of this subject, is that it raises moral questions, responsibilities and/or dilemmas that need to be confronted within our own personal psyche. I believe it is our thoughts on the subject that link us karmically with the actions that are occuring as we speak.

As I see it, the Jewish people as a race may have been singled out to lead the intellectual evolution of mankind, and as such (the chosen) kept their genetic gene banks , more or less "pure". One cannot dispute the intellectual advantages of jewish individuals in the sciences and in the arts. Their challenge imo, was to evolve morality in line with intellectuality.

Hitler's grand scheme, I believe, was to do the same thing. To keep the german blood line pure. This would only have been possible by exterminating those that were of superior intelligence and begin again with the german stock. Those that sacrificed themselves, may have willingly agreed to this at a monadic level. There moral fortitude is a lesson to all of us in offering themselves for the good. What better lesson in morality could the world have had?

Unfortunately at the exoteric level, Hitler's gone wrong scheme gave the impetus for the jewish nation to never again be lead like lambs to the slaughter. Hence, their understandable choice to defend themselves at all costs.

I believe that those in the west who label the jewish people as evil are simply envious, and use the crude excuses of the Jews fiscal policies, non assimilation,aggression etc as excuses to sack the boss, simply so they can take the bosses place, as was the case with AH.

I am not saying that the Jews are squeeky clean in all of this, as I see the latest events as an over-reaction, which reinforced the idea, in many minds, that 2 jewish soldiers are worth 200 hesballahs. I believe they went in on a principle, rather than being principled. As intellectual mentors I believe their decision was taken in haste and motivated by a protection policy, which of course is understandable, but it is choice driven by lower manas rather than the sacrifical jews who were driven by higher manas.

The Arabs have always felt like the simple country cousins of the Jews, but rather than aspire to be equal, through education and self esteem, chose the same solution that AH attempted. Jews and Arabs can live peacefully together, the Arab Jews have shown this as have the Christian Jews.

Hesballah did exactly what AH did, they promised the Lebanese people a better standard of living, and I believed they delivered on this, as it was the Hesballah who provided social systems left inadequate by the Lebanese government. This may have been to ensure their credibility or a ruse to gain the trust of the Lebanese people as a means for accumulating weapons for the long term goal of attacking Israel and exterminating the Jews. The Hesballah have been pawns of Iran and Syria, probably unknowingly.

Are there evil terrorists in the World? Yes, of course, there are. HPB saw the terrorism within the Jesuits and did not hold back on letting the Christian world know of this. How she was not assassinated for her actions we can only thank the Masters.

Do I believe terrorism has to be eliminated, Yes, of course I do. Does this mean killing, yes it does. One cannot reason with a terrorists who has been blindly instructed to believe there cause is to annihilate the Jews or anyone who opposes their views, as was the case of Hussein, and all in order, that they may take their place and rule with an iron rod.

I am not advocating Killing for Killing's sake, but Killing for Peace's sake, so that the world can get on with its spiritual evolution, and not be held back by barbaric thinking that has kept us at war with each other from time immorial. There will be many more opportunities for these souls to realise that power, greed and envy only result in suffering and chaos.

Let those who want to rule, rule, but just leave me in peace.


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