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Aug 12, 2006 02:09 PM
by carlosaveline


CNN interviewed this Saturday morning a desperate civilian citizen in Lebanon.
He said:

"Nasrallah [the Hisbollah leader] is an idiot! He did this war for nothing! For

Indeed, 10 to 15 Lebanon civilians died for each civilian dead in Israel.
Lebanon's infrastructure is much more destroyed than Israel's.
Hisbollah lost control over "its" part of Lebanon's territory, and Israel's
offensive goes on as I write. A ceasefire is expected for some time next week.

This outcome was foreseeable since the first days of the hostilities. And all
the time Hisbollah followers were most content with the war, as if they were
winning it. Their people dying and they smiled.

Winds in Lebanon may turn against the Hisbollah after the initial reactions
indicated its popularity was in a high.

It is certain that Hisbollah will end the conflict in a much poorer situation
than before it, with half Lebanon's infrastructure destroyed, and all Hisbollah
control over the Southernmost region reduced to zero.
If Hisbollah does not cultuates death, its war did not make sense.
As to Iran, it seems its Lebanon rehearsal for a wider war against Israel has
not had a great victory.

And Al Qaeda also did not have a glorious August 11th.

But the Western democracies are still not quite winning the battle for hearts
and minds, as Tony Blair has recently remarked. Situation in Irak is bad
and worsening.

Moderate Arabs and Islamists will have to win the day. 

Arab Wisdom is superb. It may emerge once more amidst this crisis and help
mankind awaken.

Best regards, Carlos.

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