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Aug 12, 2006 09:27 AM
by carlosaveline

Dear Friends, 

I will not use the term "end". 

I will say instead that the "culmination" yesterday Friday of our seven day "theos-truce" coincides with the 175th anniversary of HPB's birth. (I didn't see that at first.) 
Besides, there is another small synchronicity in our Theos-Lebanon.  
Last night, Friday night, coinciding with the birthday of HPB's 19th century physical vehicle  and the completion of our microcosmic seven-day truce, the United Nations Security Council approved a Resolution which contains the seeds of a peace-proposal for Lebanon-Israel.  ]
I am not too surprised by this small numerological coincidence. After all, the end of World War II and the victory of the United Nations (Allied Forces) against Nazism and Fascism is yearly and oficially celebrated precisely on May 8th, the White Lotus Day, the same day and month HPB  left her physical vehicle in 1891. 
An Initiate magnetizes at higher planes the places where he or she lives and works;  and HPB lived nearly all her life since 1875 in New York, London or India. India belonged to the British Empire. 
And HPB was born and lived her first years in Russia/Ukraine, of the three main Allied Nations in the struggle against Nazi-Fascism in the 20th Century. 

Thanks to the Good Law of Karma, the German people got over the Nazi nightmare, and now it has deep respect for Democracy and for Life. 

The same happened in Spain, Italy, Japan  and other countries which had to undergo the nightmares of violence and authoritanianism. 

Best regards,   Carlos. 


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