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Aug 12, 2006 07:59 AM
by carlosaveline

Dear Friends, 

Love has its explosions --  or sudden expansions of consciousness --  at various levels of consciousness. 

When a man and a woman love each other in the various levels of consciousness, such a blissful "explosion"  occurs from the buddhic level down to the physical level. Yang meets Yin. 
The way of Raja Yoga (which in many of its  initial phases does not exclude married people) consists in increasing moderation in the lower levels of consciousness and action, and in increasing the focus on, and transferring it to,  the higher levels. 

Yet when Love and Understanding can't work as the natural expression of LIFE,  and their ways of expressions are blocked, then Hatred comes in with the promise of another kind of "explosion" -- that of "Death". 

Nazis have a cult for death, as the Spanish fascists had. Typically, one Spanish Fascist Colonel said to the humanist writer Miguel de Unamuno in a famous incident: "VIVA LA MUERTE" (Long Life to Death).  In his answer, Unamuno discussed  the psychopathology of that paradox. 

Adolf  Hitler led Germany to self-destruction, just as many suicide-bombers do today with themselves in smaller scale. 

Hitler himself committed suicide. True, he might be personally a coward, not brave enough to face the winners of World  War II.   Many "brave military leaders" are personally cowards, and Freud explains that.  But by committin suicide Hitler was also probably cultuating Death. 
The cult for death replaces a sane and healthy love when there is a search for absolute power. Remember Yosip Stalin in the Soviet Union or Mr. Pol Pot in Cambodja (in the 1970s). 
Love between men and women produces more life (and children) through spiritual and emotional "explosions" of love and affection. 

Pervert love of Nazis for their "Leader" or "Iman" produces blind violence with another kind of "explosion"  -- the false extasis of destruction.   

Such people have a pleasure in killing anyone and all. It is "an unlimited explosion", like those Bin Laden followers love. The "orgasm of hate", as W. Reich would say, consists in  taking life in a sudden way, from defenceless people.  
The recent Islamic-Nazi plot against airplanes which would go from London to the Unitesd States is but one example among many. 
Nazis, Neo-Nazis  and Al Qaeda people would have to search for urgent psychological help, no doubt. 

But who will convince them about that? 

Best regrds,  Carlos. 


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