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Aug 12, 2006 06:57 AM
by carlosaveline


You know many a parade "macho man" and "killer guy" is in fact gay.

Does that happen with Nazis? 

Just asking. 



Data:Sat, 12 Aug 2006 00:44:35 +0200

Assunto:Re: Theos-World JEWISH NIGHTMARE GONE?

> > It's evident that the Neo Nazis are taking
> > advantage of this
> unfortunate but
> > inevitable conflict to justify their vicious
> > anti Semitism based
> on blanket
> > generalities and outright lies.
> >
> > LM
> Your anti-Germanism, anti-Humanism and your love
> for twisting facts, faking facts, of your hate of
> everything what is true, beauty and good, which
> your share with Besant and Leadbeater and your
> race comrades like Carlos or Brigitte is well
> known and the whole world knows: All what from
> your side comes is a lie. A sad truth is that the
> Jews were able to buy Theosophy and infiltrate
> Adyar, ULT and Pasadena as also as Dornach.
> I remind but to our lies in Theosophy World about
> Germany. Your sick life lies. Practical satanism.
> It proofs that the criticism of the foes of
> Theosophy is justified.
> You and all oyur buddies know that your are fake
> Theosophists, pseudo Theosophists, neo
> Theosophists, artificial Aryans with artificial,
> licensed history and but with one goal: to destroy
> and to exterminate, to pervert all nations,
> culture, knowledge.
> You are the prototype of counter-initiation, of
> the incarnated evil and your rat hate of
> everything that is higher than Jahve.
> You want to bring the kali yuga upon us, but we
> withstand and that let's drive you wild.
> Whereever I discover lies, cant, hypocrisy, evil,
> misdeeds, crimes, genozides, assassinations,
> satanic torture, persecution of innocents, of
> women and children, faked documents either in
> mundane things or in religious things including
> Theosophy - you and your comrades are never far
> away.
> No wonder that you and your comrades have
> been always and will be always be persecuted by
> any spiritual and responsible Leader in the world.
> We know your name and you are caught -
> Rumpelstilskin!
> Frank
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