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Re: To new and old theosophical students PRINCIPLES SKANDHAS SAMSKARAS.

Aug 11, 2006 08:03 PM
by nhcareyta

Dear Dallas
Thank you for sharing with us your insights on the matters below. 
They are elaborate and very much appreciated.
May I offer a short comment regarding just two of your statements?

You write:
> why not keep it simple and study the ORIGINALS closely and with 
minute care?
> When we learn the interlocking and self-proving logic of the 
> may secure more rapidly and accurately an understanding of all the 
> Any Science or Theology can be compared with THEOSOPHY --  
> theories, hypothesis, etc.. stand revealed for what their probable
> conclusions are.  

And further:
>We can begin with the great text-books of
> THEOSOPHY made available to us now:

The Theosophical Academy was established for this very purpose. The 
founders, after many years in study and contemplation of various 
versions of theosophical writings, writers, organisations and 
history, thought that these and other "original", unaltered works of 
Madame Blavatsky, together with "The Mahatma Letters to A.P. 
Sinnett", to be the most authentic and credible collective 
representation of the Ancient Wisdom available to date.
It was also understood that the writers and inspirers of 
these "original" works never intended them to be ends in themselves, 
nor for them to be authoritative to the exclusion of free thought, as 
did some later writers. It seems these works were the basis of newly 
released information, co-ordinated in such a manner as to assist 
humanity towards an altogether new way of thinking. Not simply in 
terms of additional technical information but more in the form of a 
new structure and process.
Perhaps the inestimable value of the "original" Theosophy of Madame 
Blavatsky and the Mahatmas lies not only in the profound concepts 
they elucidate, which can be "lifetimes changing" in themselves, but 
in the manner in which their written form and structure can lead to 
dramatically different ways of mind processing.
This free and "holistic" form of thinking is now more vital than ever 
in our modern age where competition, singular authority and other 
expressions of the separative mindset are so apparent.

With kind regards

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> 	RE: To new and old theosophical students:
> Dear Nigel and friends:
> May I add some notes / queries to your text below?
> Thanks and best wishes,
> Dallas
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> Subject: To new and old theosophical students. 
> NHC	
> Dear students in common,
> In our search for understanding of ourselves and the Kosmos, we
> usually begin by asking questions from our particular
> predispositions, often driven unconsciously at first by our 
> ----------------------------------------
> DTB	
> For clarity may we say that THEOSOPHY [as originally promulgated by 
> Judge,  etc...] employs the Sanskrit and its definitions.  If we 
> from those originals we have a great confusion as to exact 
> This not said to create a "dogma." It is simply to avoid wandering 
> uncertainty – in short – ignorance continues.  
> Let us consult the "original" THEOSOPHICAL GLOSSARY – some of us 
have traced
> and verified those explanations back to the original sources in 
> This simplifies but does not debar any student from their own 
research and
> verification.  In fact that is always encouraged.  But:  THERE ARE 
> Acceptance of dogma or dogmas without verification amounts to BLIND 
> and, this is usually fatal to true personal progress along the 
PATH.  The
> Voice says: "That PATH is one for all, the means to reach it will 
vary with
> the Pilgrim."
> PRINCIPLES.	 The Elements or original essences, the basic
> differentiations upon and of which all things are built up. We use 
the term
> to denote the seven individual and fundamental aspects of the One 
> Reality in Kosmos and in man. Hence also the seven aspects in the
> manifestation in the human being—divine, spiritual, psychic, astral,
> physiological and simply physical."   Glos 262-3
> INDIVIDUALITY. 	One of the names given in Theosophy and 
Occultism to the
> Human Higher EGO. We make a distinction between the immortal and 
divine Ego,
> and the mortal human Ego which perishes. The latter, 
or "personality"
> (personal Ego) survives the dead body only for a time in the Kama 
Loka; the
> Individuality prevails forever."  Glos  154-5
> PERSONALITY.	 In Occultism—which divides man into seven principles,
> considering him under the three aspects of 
> 1	the divine, 
> 2	the thinking or the rational, and 
> 3	the animal man—
> the lower quaternary or the purely astrophysical being; while by
> INDIVIDUALITY is meant the Higher Triad, [ATMA – BUDDHI  --  MANAS]
> considered as a Unity. Thus the PERSONALITY embraces all the 
> and memories of one physical life, while the INDIVIDUALITY IS THE
> IMPERISHABLE EGO WHICH RE-INCARNATES and clothes itself in one 
> after another."	Glos 252
>  "SKANDHA or SKHANDA (Sk.). Lit., "bundles", or groups of 
> [EMBEDDED IN THE "LIFE-ATOMS" or MONADS of lesser experience that 
> attracted to us -- as a MONAD with experience and actively ON THE 
PATH] --
> everything finite, inapplicable to the eternal and the absolute. 
> There are five—esoterically, seven—attributes in every human living 
> which are known as the PANCHA SHANDHAS. These are 
> (1) form, rupa; 
> (2) perception, Vidana; 
> (3) consciousness, Sanjna; 
> (4) action, Samskara; 
> (5) knowledge, Vidyana. 
> These unite at the birth of man and constitute his personality. 
After the
> maturity of these Skandhas, they begin to separate and weaken, and 
this is
> followed by Jaramarana, or decrepitude and death."    
> GLOSSARY. pp.  301-2
> SAMSKARA (Sk.). Lit., from Sam and Krî, to improve, refine, 
impress. In
> Hindu philosophy the term is used to denote the impressions left 
upon the
> mind by individual actions or external circumstances, and capable 
of being
> developed on any future favourable occasion—even in a future birth. 
> The Samskara denotes, therefore, the germs of propensities and 
impulses from
> previous births to be developed in this, or the coming janmas or
> reincarnations. In Tibet, Samskâra is called Doodyed, and in China 
> defined as, or at least connected with, action or Karma. It is, 
> speaking, a metaphysical term, which in exoteric philosophies is 
> defined; e.g., in Nepaul as illusion, in Tibet as notion, and in 
Ceylon as
> discrimination. The true meaning is as given above, and as such is 
> with Karma and its working."		Glos 287-8
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> NC
> Some of us will be satisfied solely with scientific rationale, 
> with religion, still others with any one of the innumerable "new, 
> age" options, be they healing, psychic development, astrology, 
> projection etc. The remainder who are unsatisfied or unfulfilled by
> the aforementioned can often gravitate towards one or other form of
> theosophy.
> -------------------------------------------
> DTB	As I understand: 
> TRUE ANTIQUE THEOSOPHY does not vary.  It is defined as 
the "accumulated
> wisdom of the ages," and is preserved in its entirety in the AKASA 
> highest aspect of the universal and eternal tablets of the "astral 
> [From cycle to cycle the ancient philosophy / history is 
repromulgated in
> part (or in whole ?) 
> This record is open to the GREAT SOULS, the MAHATMAS, AVATARS,  
> and Adepts -- they do not abuse or use it for any selfish purposes. 
They act
> as docile agent for the LAW of KARMA --- because they KNOW THE LAW 
and found
> it just and true. We are all invited to repeat for ourselves this 
> study, and re-verification. We know at first hand and not through 
the dicta
> of someone else 
> They key [as I understand it is always the individual who makes the 
> to become WISE].  There are keys to the entrance, progress and 
success in
> this eternal "School." It is discovered that they are uniformly the 
> and ethical application of all aspects of knowledge and wisdom 
relating to
> the Universe an d all its many kind of components, as a whole, and 
to all
> its principles and aspects down to every individual MONAD -- in 
whom reside
> in potential the wisdom, power to act, and free-will of every 
> This INDIVIDUAL ascetic aspirant (disciple, chela) has to train his 
> [personal] Self to become utterly unselfish.  Over many 
incarnations he has
> built the personality he uses (made up of the "life-atoms" MONADS ) 
> have been, and are now, attracted by their conjoint Karma 
together.  The
> MONADS of lesser experience form under Law our bodies and personal
> characters.  As such, they can help or impede us now.  
> These booklets are of utmost help:
> 1	The BHAGAVAD GITA [taught by the most ancient WISE ONE (an 
> to "Man" -- Arjuna -- is the most helpful treatise on this 
subject.  [ see S
> D   I  207 - 20 ]
> 2	PATANJALI'S YOGA SUTRAS give us {when assiduously studied}  
the most
> comprehensive, succinct and accurate treatise on the Lower and the 
> Mind [Kama-Manas and Buddhi-Manas}, on BUDDHI - universal and 
tested wisdom,
> --all aspects including the MOTIVES of Psychology are discussed and 
> inter-relation is clearly shown.
> 3	DHAMMAPADA ( Footfalls of the Law) -- Gautama Buddha.  Moral 
> ethical applications of Karmic Law s it relates to our living and
> independent choosing..
> These books have to be STUDIED. Then, individually TESTED, and 
> their precepts (ass acceptable to us) should be built into our day 
to day
> character.  This is an eternal and an inescapable requirement of all
> disciples and students of esotericism -- so they can be freely 
chosen and
> applied as the student sees their necessity.  The results are being 
> continually, century after century [see 
> S D  I  272-3]  
> HPB, in many places [but specially in the VOICE ] makes it plain 
that from
> the "Lower Manas" of each of us, there arises gradually the morally 
> ethically purified "Higher Manas," or: BUDDHI - MANAS.  This is 
the "golden
> vase" that GAYATRI says surrounds the holy ATMA. 
> This is the "Holy Grail,"  the "chalice," the "golden vase" [of the 
> that enshrines the INDIVIDUAL RAY of the ATMA -- It is resident in 
> atom, human, world, galaxy, UNIVERSE  it is a true and invariable, 
> and CONSTANT.  This is then, the actual source for "UNIVERSAL 
> They {the Mahatmas, Adepts} maintain in all ages, in various part 
of the
> world, schools where the "principles" of ORIGINAL ESOTERICISM  
> WISDOM  -- the HEART DOCTRINE] is continuously studied and taught. 
> Theosophical literature will be found pointing to this repeatedly.  
Look for
> it!  It is plain to the eye of those aspiring to become consciously 
wise in
> Eternity. 
> Constantly opposed to this are the many distracting and diverging 
> many claiming "novelty," so-called, which can be seen to 
distinguish them
> from the "freedom of thought, action and study" enjoined by the fee-
less and
> free-willed ORIGINAL ESOTERIC SCHOOL   Wisdom cannot be sold as a 
> This, of course is my view, and these deductions are from what I 
> studied.  But I need not necessarily be "right."    
> The word THEOSOPHY has been used and abused.  All variants (even and
> specially those that use the word "THEOSOPHY" will be found to be
> distinguished by authoritarianism, ritualism, rote (not free 
thought), and
> the payment of money or property, designed to facilitate "learning" 
> and how to use "special powers."  These "powers" generally carry an 
> of selfishness, and also, generally imply they can be used to 
compel others
> to agree and be at will bent to the selfish will and benefit of a
> self-proclaimed, successful "guru." [In which case we have an 
example of
> divine wisdom inverted.  The selfish desire invokes SORCERY.  Dire 
are its
> consequences.  Is there a cure ?  2500 years ago, Gautama the 
Buddha said :
> "Cease from evil. Do good.  This is the WAY."]   
> --------------------------------------------
> NC
> And here the questioning perhaps needs to become a little more
> focused, because not all theosophy is the same. Certainly, the three
> fundamental propositions are inviolate in most versions, but from
> this departure point theosophy has been presented in a number of
> different forms, some being significantly at variance and even
> contradictory to the "original" Theosophy of the Mahatmas and 
> H.P. Blavatsky. 
> Many new students do not realise this and grasp onto the first 
> version they come across, sometimes becoming strong defenders
> of "their" particular tradition.
> Other students, for one reason or another, continue to question 
> introductory version. For them, merely accepting what their leaders,
> teachers and writers have espoused is insufficient. There can be an
> inner need to further investigate the authenticity of the 
> and its veracity.
> This is where matters become more significant as those students may
> begin to discover that the "original" Theosophy of Madame Blavatsky
> and her teachers is not only about releasing a new ....
> -----------------------------------------------------
> DTB   	I would say:  "An OLD body of information " -- in 
the "new"
> languages of this present world we have all incarnated in together. 
> undoubtedly scattered into various areas where we can resume our 
work of
> promulgation and assistance --- if we will freely to devote 
ourselves to
> that wonderful task. It is for this that we too, must carefully 
LEARN -- so
> our representation of the Ancient Wisdom of THEOSOPHY is accurate,
> reasonable and logical.] 
> -------------------------------------------
> NC
> ...body of information to be learned, remembered and regurgitated 
at will.
> The method in which their version was released in written form was 
> intended to bring about a new way of thinking, where the religious
> method of blind following was to be replaced by a spirit of free,
> individual, ongoing inquiry. 
> Neither Madame Blavatsky nor her teachers proclaimed perfect 
> knowledge. Furthermore, they stated that only a corner of the veil 
> Truth was being lifted. So this ever open mindset, based in an 
> and humble approach, seems to be what they were encouraging. For 
> them, humanity had been deluded for too long into blindly 
> believing "authority" figures.
> As students inquire further, they may discover that humility and
> honesty was not always the approach or method of certain 
> leaders and writers who succeeded Blavatsky. As mentioned, students 
> may also begin to discover variances and contradictions from 
> the "original" writings. In discovering this, the issues of 
> credibility and authenticity of both theosophical information and 
> proponents can become paramount.
> To mount an effective investigation into credibility and
> authenticity, the study of theosophical history, in terms of its
> teachings and personages, is perhaps indispensable.
> And herein lies the root of our debates between the proponents of 
> various Theosophical organisations throughout the world, and here on
> theos-talk. If we have differing versions of theosophy, which has 
> greater credibility? If we have leaders, writers and teachers who
> have been honest and truthful, and those who clearly have not, in
> whom do we place our trust? Where we have one version which 
> us and another which would have us become subservient 
to "authority", 
> which would we prefer to study further?
> ==================================
> DTB	
> why not keep it simple and study the ORIGINALS closely and with 
minute care?
> When we learn the interlocking and self-proving logic of the 
> may secure more rapidly and accurately an understanding of all the 
> Any Science or Theology can be compared with THEOSOPHY --  
> theories, hypothesis, etc.. stand revealed for what their probable
> conclusions are.  
> Let me add:  The TRUE will be found same and accurate everywhere, 
at all
> times and places.  The "False"  will fail in many ways, but above 
> factors the test lies in SELFISHNESS and in a pandering to the 
fancy, to
> wonder, and to unlawful wants and desires -- all short lasting, 
whereas the
> TRUE is dignified by its being:  impartial, universal, and 
> Example: All the complexities of calculation and measurement rely 
on the 4
> basic (and most ancient) rules of Arithmetic:  addition. 
> division, and multiplication.
> Similarly with Geometry, Astronautics, and every aspect of 
> =====================================
> NC
> Until we become Adepts with profound insight and wisdom, these
> questions seem to be of vital significance if we are to accept
> Madame Blavatsky's challenge to truly and without prejudice think 
> ourselves. Perhaps then we may begin the genuine journey towards 
> Knowledge and Truth.
> Very best wishes
> Nigel Carey
> Theosophical Academy
> Australia
> =========================================
> DTB	To become ADEPTS we need to seek the drops of wisdom that 
> from that eternal  School.  We can begin with the great text-books 
> THEOSOPHY made available to us now:
> As I see it, we have had a reprieve from dogmatic religious 
persecution (or
> various kinds and types) of a few years of freedom.  Let make sure 
that what
> is made available is preserved and passed on.
> "Our destiny is to continue the wide work of the past in affecting
> literature and thought throughout the world, while our ranks see 
> changing quantities but always holding those who remain true to the 
> and refuse to become dogmatic or to give up common-sense in 
theosophy.  Thus
> we will wait for the new messenger, striving to keep the 
organization alive
> that he may use it and have the great opportunity H.P.B. outlines 
when she
> says, "Think how much one whom such an opportunity is given could
> accomplish." 	WQJ Art  II 147
> [Written in 1892 -- 114 years ago  --  how much of it has emerged 
since ?]
> Although I am an American citizen, the place of my birth was in 
Ireland, and
> in what I am about to say I cannot be accused of Columbiamania, for 
> matter how long might be my life I could never be an American. For 
> perhaps it is right, since it is compulsory, to wait for some 
> incarnation.
> Now, either H. P. B. was right or she was wrong in what she says in 
> Secret Doctrine about the future of America. If wrong, then all 
this may be
> dismissed as idle speculation. But, if right, then all thoughtful
> Theosophists must take heed, weigh well, mentally appropriate and 
> remember what are her words as well as the conclusions to which 
they lead.
> In the first pages of the second volume she speaks of five great 
> First, the Imperishable Sacred Land [this is at the North Pole, 
> second, the Hyperborean, now part of it is in Northern Asia; third, 
> sunk long ago, but leaving some remains, islands, the points of high
> mountain ranges; fourth, Atlantis, presumably in the Atlantic 
Ocean, now
> below the level of the water, but with perhaps Teneriffe and Atlas 
> reminders; and fifth, "was America."
> From a survey of the book, digging in notes and culling from the 
text here
> and there, the conclusion is irresistible that although the present 
> is not the actual Continent as it is to be, it is a portion of it; 
> certainly is now the nursery for the race that will in the future 
occupy the
> sixth Continent, which for the sixth Great Root-Race will emerge 
from the
> waters. 
> Where? Perhaps when the present America has been split up by 
> cataclysms, leaving here and there large pieces on its western 
side, it is
> in the Pacific Ocean that the great mass of the new one will come 
up from
> the long sleep below the sea. Rightly then will the great far 
western ocean
> have been named Pacific, for that Race will not be given to contest 
nor hear
> of wars or rumours of war, since it will be too near the seventh, 
> mission it must be to attain to the consummation, to seize and hold 
the Holy
> Grail.
> Turn to page 444 and onward of the second volume [S D ]. Read there 
that the
> Americans have become in only three hundred years a primary race 
pro tem.,
> in short, the germs of the sixth sub-race, to blossom in a few more
> centuries into the pioneers of that one which must succeed to the 
> European fifth sub-race in all its characteristics. 
> Then after about 25,000 years, which you will note is meant for a 
> sidereal cycle of a little over that length of time, this new race 
> prepare for the seventh sub-race. 
> Cataclysms will then fall upon you; lands and nations will be swept 
> first of all being the European, including the British Isles - if 
not gone
> before - and then parts of both North and South America. And how 
> mongrel, indeed, will be the remains of the scientists of today, 
> masters of microbes now, but then to be looked upon as strange 
remains of
> the Nineteenth Century, when, as the people will tell each other 
then, so
> many, with Truth before them, laughed at it and stoned its 
apostles, dancing
> a fantastic dance meanwhile around the altar of invisible matter.
> It seems as if some power, deliberately planning, had selected 
North and
> South America for the place where a new primary root-race should be 
> These two continents were evidently the seats of ancient races and 
not the
> habitat of wild undeveloped men. The red man of the Northern one 
has all the
> appearance and beliefs of a once great race. He believes in one 
God, a
> Devachan of happy hunting after death. Some tribes have diagrams of 
how the
> world was formed and peopled, that strangely resemble Hindu 
cosmogony, and
> their folklore bears deep marks of having come down from an older 
and better
> time. 
> Following the course of exploration southwards, we find accumulating
> evidences all the way of a prior civilization now gone with the 
cyclic wave
> which brought it up. Central America is crowded with remains in 
stone and
> brick; and so on south still we discover similar proofs. In course 
of time
> these continents became what might be called arable land, lying 
> recuperating, until the European streams of men began to pour upon 
it. The
> Spanish overflowed South America and settled California and Mexico; 
> English, French, and Spanish took the North, and later all nations 
came, so
> that now in both continents nearly every race is mixed and still 
> Chinese even have married women of European blood; Hindus are also 
here; the
> ancient Parsi race has its representatives; the Spanish mixed with 
> aborigines, and the slaveholders with the Africans. I doubt not but 
> some one from every race known to us has been here and has left, 
within the
> last two hundred years, some impression through mixture of blood.
> But the last remnants of the fifth Continent, America, will not 
> until the new race has been some time born. Then a new Dwelling, 
the sixth
> Continent, will have appeared over the waters to receive the youth 
who will
> tower above us as we do above the pigmies of Africa. But no America 
as we
> now know it will exist. 
> Yet these men must be the descendants of the race that is now 
rising here.
> Otherwise our philosophy is all wrong. So then, in America now is 
> the new sub-race, and in this land was founded the present 
> Society: two matters of great importance. 
> It was to the United States, observe, that the messenger of the 
> came, although Europe was just as accessible for the enterprise set 
on foot.
> Later, this messenger went to India and then to Europe, settling 
down in the
> British Isles. All of this is of importance in our reflections. For 
why in
> America at first does she begin the movement, and why end her part 
of it in
> England? One might be led to ask why was not an effort made at all 
costs to
> give the last impulse outwardly in the land of promise where she 
began the
> work?
> Do not imagine for one moment, O ye English brothers of mine, that 
> was selected for this because the beauties of your island called 
her, or for
> that she had decided at the finish that after all a mistake had 
been made in
> not going there first. It was all out of stern necessity, with a 
> derived from many older heads, having in view the cycles as they 
> resistlessly forward. 
> The point where the great energy is started, the centre of force, 
is the
> more important, and not the place at which it is ended. And this 
> true, no matter how essential the place of ending may be in the 
> What, do you suppose India is not as important? and would not that 
land have
> offered seemingly a better spot than all for the beginning of the 
> opus? Adepts do not make mistakes like that.
> America's discovery is ascribed to Christopher Columbus. Although 
it is
> doubted, yet no one doubts that the Spanish people did the most at 
first in
> peopling it, meanwhile working off some old and making some new 
Karma, by
> killing many of the aborigines. 
> Thus it is that doomed people rush on to their doom, even as the 
troops of
> insects, animals and men were seen by Arjuna to rush into Krishna's 
> mouths. But later came the sturdy stock from England, who, in the 
> nation, the most enduring on this continent, have left their impress
> indelibly in the people, in its laws, in its constitution, its 
customs, its
> literature and language. 
> Perhaps England and Ireland are the gateways for the Egos who 
incarnate here
> in the silent work of making a new race. Maybe there is some 
significance in
> the fact that more lines of steamships conveying human freight come 
to the
> United States from England, passing Ireland on the way as the last 
seen land
> of the old world, than from anywhere else. The deeds of men, the 
> of merchants, and the wars of soldiers all follow implicitly a law 
that is
> fixed in the stars, and while they copy the past they ever 
symbolize the
> future.
> Did H. P. B. only joke when she wrote in her book that Ireland is 
an ancient
> Atlantean remnant, and England a younger Isle, whose rising from 
the sea was
> watched by wise men from Erin's shore? Perhaps the people of that 
old land
> may have an important influence in the new race of America. It 
would appear
> from comparison that they might have had, and probably will in the 
> Perhaps, politically, since many expect social disturbances in 
America. In
> such a case any student of character will admit that the Irish, 
ignorant or
> not, will stand for law and order - for her sons are not battling 
here with
> an ancient foe. 
> Why, too, by strange freak of fate is the great stone of destiny in
> Westminster Abbey fixed under the coronation chair on which the 
Queen was
> crowned? Let us also be informed if there be any finger-shadow 
pointing to
> the future in the fact that England's Queen, crowned over that 
stone, 1 is
> Empress of India, from which we claim the Aryans came, and where 
> glorious long-forgotten knowledge is preserved? Her name is 
Victory. It is
> the victory for "the new order of Ages"; and that new order began in
> America, its advent noted and cut on the as yet unused obverse side 
of the
> present seal of the United States Government. 
> A victory in the union of the Egos from East and West; for England 
> one hand over to the home of the new race, which she can never own, 
with the
> other governing India, and completes the circuit. It may be a 
> picture, perhaps to be wiped out for a while in a stream of blood, 
but such
> is the way the cycles roll and how we may learn to read the future. 
> England's destiny is not complete, nor has the time struck. 
> None of us hug foolish delusions too long, and even if Ireland were 
once a
> most sacred place, that is no reason why we should want to go 
there. For in
> America those whose Karma has led them there will work for the same 
end and
> brotherhood as others left in India and Europe. The dominant 
language and
> style of thought in America is English, albeit transforming itself 
> day. 
> It is there that silently the work goes on; there European fathers 
> mothers have gone, establishing currents of attraction that will 
> and unceasingly draw into reincarnation Egos similar to themselves. 
And the
> great forward and backward rush is completed by the retarded Egos 
as they
> die out of other nations, coming meanwhile into flesh again among 
the older
> races left behind.
> * * * *
> At least such seemed the view while the clouds lifted - and then 
once more
> there was silence.
> Lucifer, March, 1892
> (1) It is an interesting fact that in India there is an important 
> called "mounting the stone."
> ================================
> 		Best wishes,
> 		Dallas

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