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Re: Theos-World Of great concern?!

Aug 11, 2006 06:45 PM
by Cass Silva

Hello Nigel,
Firstly, let me say I agree on your thoughts regarding Dallas posting, and thank you for your kind words addressed to me.  I have seen and read of chimeras in the past, I believe they have placed a human ear onto a mouse!  The whole idea makes me feel sick, and reinforces the idea that we (some of us) are still playing with being god as we did in Atlantis.  What is the motivation for creating a hybrid race of monsters?  What is the purpose?  To create a new species that is below even the animal kingdom? To eventually create an automaton which is neither one thing or another.  Created to die within a few short weeks, or worse still, living as a byproduct of man.  I believe these experiments on mixing animals will eventually be tranferred to the mixing of animal and humans.  Dumb brutes that the black magicians on Atlantis used as fodder.  Filling the astral with unspeakable horror.  Let those scientists meet their creations on the astral and see the results of their funding,
 all in the hallowed name of scientific experimentation for the good of mankind!!!

It leaves one with a feeling of hopelessness for the human race.

Thanks for sharing


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