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Aug 11, 2006 03:44 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

> It's evident that the Neo Nazis are taking
> advantage of this
unfortunate but
> inevitable conflict to justify their vicious
> anti Semitism based
on blanket
> generalities and outright lies.
> LM

Your anti-Germanism, anti-Humanism and your love
for twisting facts, faking facts, of your hate of
everything what is true, beauty and good, which
your share with Besant and Leadbeater and your
race comrades like Carlos or Brigitte is well
known and the whole world knows: All what from
your side comes is a lie. A sad truth is that the
Jews were able to buy Theosophy and infiltrate
Adyar, ULT and Pasadena as also as Dornach.
I remind but to our lies in Theosophy World about
Germany. Your sick life lies. Practical satanism.
It proofs that the criticism of the foes of
Theosophy is justified.

You and all oyur buddies know that your are fake
Theosophists, pseudo Theosophists, neo
Theosophists, artificial Aryans with artificial,
licensed history and but with one goal: to destroy
and to exterminate, to pervert all nations,
culture, knowledge.

You are the prototype of counter-initiation, of
the incarnated evil and your rat hate of
everything that is higher than Jahve.
You want to bring the kali yuga upon us, but we
withstand and that let's drive you wild.

Whereever I discover lies, cant, hypocrisy, evil,
misdeeds, crimes, genozides, assassinations,
satanic torture, persecution of innocents, of
women and children, faked documents either in
mundane things or in religious things including
Theosophy - you and your comrades are never far

No wonder that you and your comrades have
been always and will be always be persecuted by
any spiritual and responsible Leader in the world.
We know your name and you are caught -



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