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Aug 10, 2006 10:51 PM
by leonmaurer

More emotional propaganda favoring only one side of the conflict in the 
Middle East.

War is hell wherever it occurs, for all those involved in it.   It's a sure 
thing that the pictures of innocent civilians (of every ethnic or religious 
group) killed by the fanatic Hamas terrorists and Hezbollah rockets in Israel are 
just as gruesome, if not more so.   

It's interesting that the Israelis mourn the inadvertent civilian deaths in 
the countries of those that attacked them mercilessly with intent to 
genocidally exterminate an entire ethnic group, and who cowardly use those civilians as 
shields, so as to protect themselves, as well as generate such propaganda 
whenever they are attacked and unavoidable non combatant deaths and injuries occur 
...   While the Muslim supporters of Hezbollah and Hamas in those countries 
joyfully cheer the deaths of all innocent civilians of any other belief or 
nationality they consider to be Infidels. 

It's evident that the Neo Nazis are taking advantage of this unfortunate but 
inevitable conflict to justify their vicious anti Semitism based on blanket 
generalities and outright lies.


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> here are some interesting pictures, which the chief rabbi, who has 
> kidnapped theos-talk, will not like:
> Lang=E&ID=4812
> Shalom!
> Frank

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