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Re: Theosophical History Journal

Aug 10, 2006 07:36 PM
by Mark Jaqua

Re:  Theosophical History Journal
    That was one heck of a Blavatsky quote 
Carlos posted (and was re-posted about 3 times), 
but I want to object on him saying that Santucci's 
publishing of Theosophical History isn't as good 
as Price's was.  Santucci, while wider in his 
scope, also publishes controversial matter, 
like the article of Ken Small's on the 
Pasadena/Point Loma split about 1950.
              - jake j.
Carlos writes:
  <I guess Leslie Price is an independent theosophist 
-- that is , he 
<thinks for himself, but he sincerely contributes 
<to the movement and its aims.
  <In recent years, since Leslie Price ceased to 
<be its editor, "Theosophical History" has made 
<less important contributions to the movement, 
<I guess. 

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