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Aug 10, 2006 06:40 PM
by Cass Silva

I am not sure what point you are trying to make.  If we have a duty, surely it is the duty of knowing ourselves. Krishna representing higher manas     Arjuna representing lower manas.   The battle is not won by the contemplative but by the warrior within.

  There is living scientist, he has bachelor's degree in Linguistics 
 and history besides other credentials , a volunteer in the McGovern 
 presidential campaign , a soft spoken man , and his name is not well 
 known in general public, but the scientific world call him Genius, 
 compare him to the greatness of Einstein . He is scientist for 
 scientists and his name is Edward Witten , Professor at institute 
 for Advanced study ,Princeton, New   Jersey, where Einstein spent his 
 last years of life.. 
 Edward witten solved the many riddles of string theory with his 
 mathematical and scientific prowess to the amazement of his fellow 
 scientists. He proposed an additional 11th dimension as one of the 
 strings with enormous energy stretches as big as just like our 
 universe .It also explains the existence of parallel universes with 
 in grasp of our hand .But we are trapped in higher dimensions, could 
 not able to move to the other universes like as we are trapped by 
 four walled room with out doors. We are searching for a window in 
 the dark room . We may get a rare flash picture of parallel universe 
 on the other side of the wall , where the hunt continues at Fermi 
 labs in Illinois, and soon to be operational at CERN labs in 
 Switzerland . These bizarre ideas are not coming from crack pots but 
 a Noble laureates with unparallel credentials. 
 Yes!! A single strand of energy , the string, grown in to as big as 
 our universe as the 11 th dimension , just like membranes . In short 
 they are called "Branes". 
 These ideas may be very novel to westerners, but easterners of 
 Hindu descent understand with little ease with out advanced degrees 
 in physics through puranas and Vedas.
 Two Indian scientist's Contributions appear from a distant past 
 in the String theory after their long passing. 
 One is Satyendranath Bose ( The particles called Bosons named after 
 him ) and the other one is Srinivasa Ramanujam , along with his 
 mystic mathematical modular functions. 
 Coming back to Mahabharatha our beloved Krishna ,lord of 
 gravity ,who is famous chariot jockey for great warrior Arjuna . As 
 Arjuna enters the war with his famous jockey Krishna with his 
 chariot , was extremely saddened and disappointed about fighting his 
 fellow friends ,cousins and most of all his teachers. Arjuna felt he 
 does not have inner strength to kill his own family, friends and 
 most of all his reverend teachers. But Krishna took him away from 
 the war scene and gave him the most powerful and revealing wisdom of 
 life and death in order to convince him that he is just mere pawn 
 in his grand old universe, . The conversation between Krishna and 
 Arjuna is called " The Bhagwat Gita" (song of God) which became the 
 scared text for Hindu religion.
 As strange as 11th dimension in string theory ,with amazing 
 coincidence, 11th chapter in Bhagwad Gita reveals the 
 Multidimensional universal form of Krishna.
 Here is some of the excerpts from Bhagwat Gita in Sanskrit language 
 followed by translation.( The source Bhagvad Gita as it is" by 
 Swami )
 pasya me partha rupani 
 sataso 'tha sahasrasah 
 nana-vidhani divyani 
 nana-varnakrtini ca
 : Krishna said: My dear Arjuna, O son of Prtha, behold now My 
 opulences, hundreds of thousands of varied and multidimensional 
 divine forms, multicolored like the sea.
 ihaika-stham jagat krtsnam 
 pasyadya sa-caracaram 
 mama dehe gudakesa 
 yac canyad drastum icchasi
 Krishna to Arjuna:
 Whatever you wish to see can be seen all at once in this body. This 
 universal form can show you all that you now desire, as well as 
 whatever you may desire in the future. Everything is here completely.
 na tu mam sakyase drastum 
 anenaiva sva-caksusa 
 divyam dadami te caksuh 
 pasya me yogam aisvaram
 Krishna to Arjuna:
 But you cannot see Me with your present eyes. Therefore I give to you 
 divine eyes by which you can behold My mystic opulence.
 divi surya-sahasrasya 
 bhaved yugapad utthita 
 yadi bhah sadrsi sa syad 
 bhasas tasya mahatmanah
 Arjuna to Krishna:
 If hundreds of thousands of suns rose up at once into the sky, they 
 might resemble 
 The effulgence of the Supreme Person in that universal form.
 atraika-stham jagat krtsnam 
 pravibhaktam anekadha 
 apasyad deva-devasya 
 sarire pandavas tada
 At that time Arjuna could see in the universal form of the Lord the 
 unlimited expansions of the universe situated in one place although 
 divided into many, many thousands.
 pasyami tvam sarvato 'nanta-rupam 
 nantam na madhyam na punas tavadim 
 pasyami visvesvara visva-rupa
 Arjuna to Krishna:
 O Lord of the universe, I see in Your universal body many, many forms-
 -bellies, mouths, eyes--expanded without limit. There is no end, 
 there is no beginning, and there is no middle to all this.
 anadi-madhyantam ananta-viryam 
 ananta-bahum sasi-surya-netram 
 pasyami tvam dipta-hutasa-vaktram 
 sva-tejasa visvam idam tapantam
 Arjuna to Krishna: 
 You are the origin without beginning, middle or end. You have 
 numberless arms, and the sun and moon are among Your great unlimited 
 eyes. By Your own radiance You are heating this entire universe.
 sri-bhagavan uvaca 
 kalo 'smi loka-ksaya-krt pravrddho 
 lokan samahartum iha pravrttah 
 rte 'pi tvam na bhavisyanti sarve 
 ye 'vasthitah pratyanikesu yodhah
 Krishna to Arjuna
 The Blessed Lord said: Time I am, destroyer of the worlds, and I have 
 come to engage all people. With the exception of you [the Pandavas], 
 all the soldiers here on both sides will be slain.
 kasmac ca te na nameran mahatman 
 gariyase brahmano 'py adi-kartre 
 ananta devesa jagan-nivasa 
 tvam aksaram sad-asat tat param yat
 Arjuna to Krishna:
 O great one, who stands above even Brahma, You are the original 
 master. Why should they not offer their homage up to You, O limitless 
 one? O refuge of the universe, You are the invincible source, the 
 cause of all causes, transcendental to this material manifestation.
 namah purastad atha prsthatas te 
 namo 'stu te sarvata eva sarva 
 ananta-viryamita-vikramas tvam 
 sarvam samap- nosi tato 'si sarvah
 Arjuna to Krishna:
 Obeisances from the front, from behind and from all sides! O 
 unbounded power, You are the master of limitless might! You are all-
 pervading, and thus You are everything!
 Krishna blesses Arjuna with divine sight , which could not been seen 
 with naked eye to feel the awesome display of his multidimensional 
 and multicolored universal form .As observed by Arjuna, Krishna's 
 transcendental form has no beginning ,no middle and no ending. 
 Krishna's universal form embodies every kind of life exits on earth 
 and every where. In his multi dimensions, Krishna displayed the 
 time dimension, where he made Arjuna realized all his reverend 
 teachers, cousins, and his dear ones already killed. .Through 
 Krishna's universal form and his amazing powers Arjuna realized, 
 he is just an actor to follow his duties as a warrior in the grand 
 old scheme. 
 No other religion or philosophy has come this close to the most 
 advanced theories of physics describing the gravity, time travel and 
 multiple dimensions.
 Bhagvad Gita( Song of God) irrespective of its religious 
 affiliation, shines in front of the most intellectuals in the world , 
 and must be read book, for enthusiasts of string theory and 
 unification theory.
 The line between a sacred philosophy " Bhagvad Gita" and the most 
 advanced theory of Physics " String theory" is getting blurred and 
 both try to make us understand the true intent and purpose of our 
 lives in this complex universe. 
 Mahatma Gandhi , Buddha along the lines of meaning of Bhagvad 
 Gita ,are in harmony with one of the Albert Einstein's quote 
 " A human being is part of the whole called by us :universe" , a part 
 limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and 
 feelings as something separated from the rest. A kind of optical 
 delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for 
 us , restricting us to our own personal desires and to affection for 
 few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from 
 this prison. By widening our circle of compassion to embrace all 
 living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. Nobody is 
 able to achieve this completely but the striving for such achievement 
 is, in itself a part of the liberation and foundation for our inner 

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