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Dear Friends - Some Burning Questions I Have

Aug 10, 2006 05:20 PM
by logos_student2000

Dear Frank and fellow Theosophists,

I am fairly new to Theosophy and Anthroposophy but I read several
books from both Rudolph Steiner and Madame Blavatsky.  I find your
comments very well thought out and I hope to also assist you in any
way I can, as I have found the experience in coming here to be
enlightening.  As a Christian coming from a decent background in
revisionist history, I had already read books such like the "Committee
of 300" by Dr. John Coleman and his other books which expose the
"black Nobility" Illuminati etc.  Learning the esoteric teachings, I
have decided to combine many truths from both the Esoteric and the
exoteric understanding.     

The recent attack on Lebanon has created a sense of urgency in many
people and I feel the need more now than ever to speak "truth" and
thus remove the veil of darkness surrounding us all.  People are
seemly more receptive to the truth now more than ever before  I have
found.  Kindly, I ask for your help in the clarification of some
burning questions I have regarding several issues spoken of by several
of you and also questions I have had in the past.  

Here are some questions I have:  

1)	Was the work of Henry Ford coming from an honest approach to stop
evil Jewish leaders, (for example he mentioned Lord Rothschild) or was
he part of the plan to create an atmosphere of hatred against Jews?       

2)	I read that Hitler was correct to identify the Zionists with that
of the black lodge.  I read that Hitler was used and tricked by black
magicians (Dugpas in Tibet, or Red Hats) into thinking all Jews were
Zionists.  If this is so, was Hitler working with the CA or against
them?  Was Hitler aware that the Jesuits were also Jewish in origin,
or not?  

3)	Frank, you mentioned in one of your posts about the "V" sign vs.
the Lutheran sign.  Could you explain what is the Lutheran sign?  Was
this the En-Volt with the hand extended outward and up or something else? 

4)	I read a book called "the History of Jewish Human Sacrifice" and it
is filled with tons of actual reports of ritual killing being
conducted by Jewish people.  Martin Luther was also quoted as saying
the Jews were doing such things and if so, is this ritual human
sacrifice still practiced by certain Talmudist-Jews today?

5)	In the book the "Committee of 300" Dr. John Coleman explains that
the religion of these black nobility/Venetians is the "Zohar" and of
the Talmud and they refer to themselves as "the Olympians"  being
that they actually see themselves as being equal to those Gods etc.  I
did some research into the matter and it appears many of them are also
part of this Dionysus-Osiris cult that has links back to Amun-Ra and
Sumerian religion.  I wonder what is the connection between the
Talmudists and the Dionysus cults? 

6) You all might find it interesting but I noticed that in
Rockefeller's book Titled " Memoirs" the inside has the "Eye of
Providence", or "Eye of Horus/Jupiter" and that eye is the exact same
eye as shown on the dollar bill.  If Rockefeller is such a pious
Baptist than why does he have such a fascination with Horus?  Is this
example of Judaism in disguise?  

I hope to eventually write a book for my children and those who wish
to delve deeper into truth.  Where I work, many are very awake and
this has partly to do with God answering my prayers and also the fact
that I have provided them with much documentation which they can watch
or read - although I too, have just started to place the peices
together myself.  

Your comments and suggestions are most welcomed and I hope to
contribute and assist in any way I can.  


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