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Aug 10, 2006 02:56 PM
by carlosaveline


Since 2 a.m. Thursday, local time, London airport (Heathrow) is closed and the UK in high alert against terrorist actions.  A plot was foiled, and 21 people arrested in several places.  

If this is Al-Qaeda related, once more Al Qaeda people select important astrological moments to "act". 

We have Sun conjunction Saturn, with  both in opposition to Neptune, and Full Moon in Aquarius.  

To say "Full Moon" is the same as to say "Moon opposition Sun", of course.  In this case Moon is in opposition to Sun and Saturn. 

Neptune, in its negative aspects, can bring illusion and secret disruptive activities; but Sun in Leo wants truth and does not favour plots. With Saturn, if further favours Law. 

The thing apparently and fortunately got foiled. 

The plans were for mass murder in the USA, involving many air planes.

Long life to Peace!

Best regards,  Carlos. 

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