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Aug 09, 2006 10:15 PM
by Cass Silva

I would like to pose a question to the group.

"Are we still holding on to old thinking in that we are emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually in need of a society to belong to?"

What is it about humans that they need to belong to "groups?".

I realise the first question coming from this is, 'how will the ancient teachings be spread without a unified body".  

Perhaps the answer is a Hall of Knowlege that encompasses all truths, accessible to all through the internet, a central United Nations of seminal religious thought, co-relational but independant.  A synthesis of all truths.

Awaiting others comments.


plcoles1 <> wrote:                                  Hello Marie,
 Thanks for your comments !
 Since 2004 I have been posting here at theos-talk you can read my 
 first posting below.
 I actually had resigned from the TS (I resigned in 2001 I think) of 
 my own accord and was trying to raise some issues I had with the 
 Adyar TS and create dialogue on these here at theos talk.
 To cut a long story short I reached a point where I thought that 
 perhaps I may rejoin the Society despite my issues with the TS and do 
 what ever work I could within it.
 However earlier this year my application to re-applying for 
 membership was rejected by National Section in Australia unanimously
 I was invited to re-apply for membership in twelve months  "if you 
 find that you have a genuine compatibility with the ethos, official 
 statements and broad scope of the teachings of the TS with its 
 headquarters at Adyar".
 This implied that I didn't a `compatibility with the ethos, official 
 statements and broad scope of the teachings of the TS with its 
 headquarters at Adyar' and had to acquire one.
 I suppose you'd have to read my postings to see if you concur with 
 the decission or not.
 --- In, MarieMAJ41@... wrote:
 > Perry, could you elaborate a bit about your "expulsion" from the 
 Adyar TS?  
 > When, why, etc. Of course, if you do not wish to dredge it up, I do 
 >  But if it was a matter of censorship, was it under Algeo's reign?
 > I can hardly believe that I am affiliated with a society that has 
 so little  
 > tolerance for freedom of thought and expression. But I should have 
 know when I 
 >  found that books in the Library were taken from the shelves, or 
 not put on 
 > at  all. All this was done under the guise of placing the books 
 into "archives" 
 > to  which almost noone had access without obtaining permission, 
 from you 
 > guessed it,  the power that be.
 > Marie
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