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Re: Theos-World Re: Mother Shipton

Aug 09, 2006 08:29 PM
by samblo

   Thanks for doing that was a great read. I might comment the "fiery dragon" 
mentioned so much resembles the terrible cataclysm that is recorded in the 
Glyphs of Tiahuanaco. Then in the far past a Body in space made passes past the 
Earth permutating it's orbit until a "capture" sequence began then it's 
gradually had a series of "Bollard Anchor" points relative to the Earth, it's 
proximity decreased and it got closer and then the Gravitational the Thermal 
Tectonics reached strong levels it exhaled plumes of fiery Magma in vast plumes and 
begun casting off layer of the exterior like an onion loosing consecutive 
layers. The heavier material descended upon the Earth causing great calamity and 
destruction terrorizing Mankind forever in a deep subconscious memory of this 
period which was not short in duration.

   I have already posted here links for Pavel Smutny's Websites where he has 
posted his research on the "Planet "X" and it's big Brother "Planet Nemesis" 
delineating the Egyptian Record that details it's entry point and passage into 
our solar System and many details thereof. It is this Planet I think Shipton 
relates of in her prophecy.

   The "Silver Serpent" would most likely be the Extraterrestrial Craft and 
the arrival of "Gods Other Children" who are our Family and kin's people.


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