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Re: Theos-World UTOPIA AND H.P.B.

Aug 09, 2006 07:58 PM
by MarieMAJ41

Carlos, your below message is very inspiring to me, and very well  phrased.
In a message dated 8/8/2006 2:29:16 PM Central Daylight Time, writes:


Dear Friends,  

Seven years after the closing of the “end-of-century effort”, we  now see 
wholesale fear, violence and terrorism involving USA and Europe,  Lebanon, 
Israel, Afghanistan, the African countries, Sri Lanka, India,  Pakistan, Nepal and 
other parts of the world. 

In moments like this, it  is always useful to meditate upon some key 
sentences by HPB. 

These  words were written in 1889, in anticipation of the wars that would 
come after  HPB’s life. It was the causes or karmic roots of these wars that HPB 
fought,  as she and many of her co-disciples prepared the ground for that 
universal  brotherhood which will eventually turn wars unnecessary. 

(In the  following lines, as HPB refers to the “Theosophical Society”, we 
should read  “Theosophical Movement”.)

HPB wrote: 

“Let them therefore  prepare to cut each other’s throats and let them 
exterminate more people in  one day in war than the Caeser’s killed in a whole year 

“Theosophists are powerless to stop them. That is true. But it is in  their 
power to save as many survivors as possible. Being a nucleus of a true  
Brotherhood, it depends upon them to make of their Society an ark destined, in  a 
future not too distant, to transport the humanity of a new cycle beyond the  vast 
muddy waters of the deluge of hopeless materialism. These waters are  rising 
and in the present moment flood all the civilized countries. Are we  going to 
let the good perish with the bad, afraid of the hue and cry and the  ridicule 
of the latter, either against the Theosophical Society or ourselves?  Are we 
going to see them perish one after the other, one from fatigue, the  other 
vainly seeking the ray of sunlight which shines for all, without  throwing them a 
plank of salvation? Never!”

“It may well be that the  beautiful utopia, the philanthropic dream, that 
sees as if in a vision the  triple wish of The Theosophical Society come true, is 
still far off : entire  and complete freedom of human conscience granted to 
all, brotherhood  established between the rich and the poor, and equality 
between the aristocrat  and the plebeian recognized in theory as well as in 
practice – these are so  many castles in Spain, and for a good reason. All this must 
take place  naturally and voluntarily, on both sides; however, the time has 
not yet come  for the lion and the lamb to lie down together. The great reform 
must come  about without social upheaval, without spilling a drop of blood; 
solely in the  name of that axiomatic truth of Oriental philosophy which shows us 
that the  great disparity of fortunes, of social rank and intellect, is due 
but to the  effects of the personal Karma of every human being. We harvest but 
what we  have sown. (...) He who is thoroughly impressed by the philosophic 
truth that  every ‘Ego’ begins and ends by being the indivisible ALL, cannot 
love his  neighbour less than himself. But, until the time this becomes a 
religious  truth, no such reform can possibly take place. (......) In the meantime 
what  we should seek is to bring some peace on earth to the hearts of those who 
 suffer, by lifting for them a corner of the veil which hides from them 
divine  truth. Let the strong point the way to the weak and help them to climb the  
steep slope of existence. Let them turn their gaze upon the Beacon-light 
which  shines upon the horizon, beyond the mysterious and unchartered sea of the  
Theosophical sciences, like a new star of Bethlehem, and let the desinherited  
of life take hope . . . H. P. Blavatsky” (1) 

One of the many  conclusions we may get to, from studying once and again 
these superb lines, is  that in Esoteric Science merely logical reasoning at the 
dualistic level is  sometimes worse than useless. 

Only an expanded consciousness can grasp  the esoteric view of life, a view 
which includes both outer dualism and  contrast, and inner unity and harmony. 

Indeed, it is by acknowledging  our own individual co-responsibility for the 
future of mankind, nay, of all  beings, that we get to be able to really learn 
what is Theosophy about :  universal compassion. 

Strangely as it may sound, planetary utopia must  begin with everyone of us, 
and it technically depends on each one’s  “Antahkarana”, the bridge between 
the higher and the lower in individual life.  

Best regards, Carlos. 

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