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Aug 09, 2006 01:14 PM
by MarieMAJ41

Perry,  I most certainly do not concur with the Australian Section's  
decision to deny you membership!
I have no idea why they would be so officious and patently selective. I  have 
no idea why your view and/or opinions would not stand the test of "There is  
no religion higher than truth." Perhaps they fully know that "truth" is simply 
 another word for "TSA's opinion",   and not the real function of  Adyar's TS 
in the 21st Century.
Too bad, isn't it? But I still believe that the Adyar TS will, in time,  
correct themselves, as we all do, and adhere to higher principles and values. In  
the meantime, they do much to promulgate theosophy, and that is crucial in  
today's world, I believe.
And I value Theos-Talk for what it does in helping to educate the  world and 
its help in promulgating theosophy and unity among the different  societies.
Hello Marie,
Thanks for your comments !
Since 2004 I have been posting  here at theos-talk you can read my 
first posting below.

I  actually had resigned from the TS (I resigned in 2001 I think) of 
my own  accord and was trying to raise some issues I had with the 
Adyar TS and  create dialogue on these here at theos talk.

To cut a long story short I  reached a point where I thought that 
perhaps I may rejoin the Society  despite my issues with the TS and do 
what ever work I could within  it.

However earlier this year my application to re-applying for  
membership was rejected by National Section in Australia  unanimously

I was invited to re-apply for membership in twelve months "if  you 
find that you have a genuine compatibility with the ethos, official  
statements and broad scope of the teachings of the TS with its  
headquarters at Adyar".

This implied that I didn't a `compatibility  with the ethos, official 
statements and broad scope of the teachings of the  TS with its 
headquarters at Adyar' and had to acquire one.

I suppose  you'd have to read my postings to see if you concur with 
the decission or  not.



--- In _theos-talk@yahoogrotheos-t_ ( ,  
MarieMAJ41@.,  Marie
> Perry, could you elaborate a bit  about your "expulsion" from the 
Adyar TS? 
> When, why, etc. Of  course, if you do not wish to dredge it up, I do 
> But if  it was a matter of censorship, was it under Algeo's reign?
> I  can hardly believe that I am affiliated with a society that has 
so little  
> tolerance for freedom of thought and expression. But I should have  
know when I 
> found that books in the Library were taken from the  shelves, or 
not put on 
> at all. All this was done under the guise of  placing the books 
into "archives" 
> to which almost noone had access  without obtaining permission, 
from you 
> guessed it, the power that  be.
>  Marie

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